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11" Dual Fill Nylon Carpet Scrub, case of 1


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11" Dual Fill Nylon Carpet Scrub, case of 1

- Nylon or poly constructions are available in 11" to 21" sizes, with a full range of mounting hardware.
- Half-size and custom center hole size brushes are available on special order.
- The ideal brush for carpet scrubbing
- Flexible for comercial carpet, yet gentle
- Nough for scrubbing softer carpets
- The heavier, black 0.030" outer rows scrubs and carry the weight of a buffer
- The softer, white 0.020" inner rows gently scrub the carpet
- 1.75" bristle trim length
- Order driver hardware separately
- Size: 11"

Box Quantity: 1
Item Weight (lbs): 4.0
Carton Dimensions (in. - L x W x H): 13 x 13 x 4
Carton Weight (lbs): 4
Harmonizing Code: 9603.90.8050
  • Model: BB 660711

11" Dual Fill Nylon Carpet Scrub, case of 1

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