MAL UPD11 11" Pad Driver


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MAL UPD11 11" Pad Driver

Pad drivers are used to secure floor pads or bonnets during operation. The brush-like, extremely stiff bristles of the pad driver latch onto fibers, similar to a hook and loop system (Velcro), providing the necessary friction to drive the pad or bonnet forward in a circular rotation. They also provide the locking apparatus to which pad grabbers are attached.

Pad drivers are a required accessory when stripping, scrubbing, or polishing hard surfaces such as terrazzo, polished concrete, resilient, and tile; and they are typically used in conjunction with a floor machine, automatic scrubber, or high speed burnisher. When using a floor machine, remove the brush prior to storage. Rinsing the pad driver after each use will extend its life, though it should be replaced when bristles begin to look worn, deformed, or flattened.

MAL UPD11 11" Pad Driver is sold in individual quantities and includes a tufted riser.

This product is tailored for use in theaters, restaurants, retail outlets, hotels, shopping malls, schools, office buildings, and homes.

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Model#: MAL UPD11
Shipping Weight: 15lbs (ea)
  • Model: MAL UPD11

MAL UPD11 11" Pad Driver

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