Glove Dispensers

Glove dispensers help organize a room or closet, and provide easy access to hand protection. These universal dispensers fit most disposable glove boxes regardless of the manufacturer or glove size. Typically found in a doctor's office, hospital, or food processing plant, these dispensers are simple to install and small enough to conceal behind a cabinet door. They also protect glove boxes from dents and tears, thus preventing the gloves from spilling everywhere. Once the box is empty, simply remove and slide another one in its place. Clean or disinfect as part of your daily maintenance procedures, and replace the dispenser entirely when appropriate.

These dispensers work well in a variety of environments including restaurants, healthcare facilities, cafeterias, cafes, schools, churches, office buildings, retail shops, and homes.

Dispenser varieties:
Side-load | Drop-in

Dispenser sizes:

Gloves: Glove Dispensers are sold in individual quantities.

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