Neoprene Gloves

Neoprene gloves are resistant to chemicals, abrasions, and cuts. They have an absorbent interlock cotton lining and are durable enough to withstand repeated use. The lining provides easy on/off action while the outer shell is manufactured with a textured palm, providing excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions. These gloves work well in a variety of environments including shipyards, warehouses, processing plants, manufacturing plants, repair shops, garages, and service vehicles.

Typically found in a tool box, or in an industrial setting, neoprene gloves qualify as Personal Protective Equipment when handling alcohols, oils, solvents, and caustics; also use them when prolonged exposure to acids is required. After completing your task, take the gloves off in an inverted manner, peeling the cuff downward toward the fingers so that the glove is inside out after it is fully removed. This will prevent irritants from coming in contact with your skin.

Glove varieties:
Cotton lined

Glove sizes:
M | L | XL

Neoprene Gloves are sold in bulk by the package quantities.

Supported Neoprene Gloves - Large

Supported Neoprene Gloves - Large Handle wet or dry items while...


Supported Neoprene Gloves - Medium

Supported Neoprene Gloves - Medium Handle wet or dry items while...


Supported Neoprene Gloves - X-Large

Supported Neoprene Gloves - X-Large Handle wet or dry items while...


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