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Why You Shouldn’t Do It Yourself

Home Sweet Home: Home remedies have recently gained popularity. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) cleaner recipes are seemingly everywhere, most of them boasting a healthy amount of vinegar, ammonia, bleach, borax or baking soda. Throw in your choice of oil and poof you have a natural cleaner. Then again, the “poof” may actually be the result of that vinegar and baking soda mixture, … Continue reading

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How To Remove Rust

Rust: Grandpa James gets up every morning at the crack of dawn, same as he has for the past sixty-three years. He pulls on his overalls, his favorite yellow ball cap, and a pair of scuffed up leather boots. Then he clicks on the morning newscast while the coffee brews in the kitchen: nice day for a drive. With a … Continue reading

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How To Treat Carpet Stains

How Stains Occur: Little Olivia is a very sweet girl. She picks dandelions for her grandmother whenever she visits, colors every inch of her favorite coloring book, and shares her fruit punch with all of her dolls. She brightens every room she walks into, and leaves a mark wherever she goes…a very noticeable mark. Olivia jaunts through the mud on … Continue reading

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How To Maintain Floors

Molecules: The term “hard” floor maintenance is misleading when you take a closer look at the molecule makeup of the floor. Whether it is vinyl composition tile (VCT), terrazzo, concrete, ceramic tile, or synthetic every type of flooring is porous. Those pores act like a colander: water and soil drain right through the holes. Unlike the boiling pan of pasta … Continue reading

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