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EPA Approves: Tactical Strike Disinfectant Kills Coronavirus

Up until now, whenever someone asked us which disinfectants kill Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2, Covid-19), we had to say that none of them have been proven to kill it yet. Our best suggestion was to send them to the EPA List N, which is a list of suggested products that the EPA recommends. The EPA also tightly controls what wording disinfectant manufacturers … Continue reading

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What Disinfectants to Use for Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2, Covid-19)?

***UPDATE EPA APPROVES TACTICAL STRIKE DISINFECTANT COVID-19 KILL CLAIMS ON LABEL*** We’re getting a ton of questions about this right now, so I’m going to keep this post short and to the point. There are currently no disinfectants that are allowed to legally make kill claims against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19, because it is so new, … Continue reading

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Your Source for Bulk Oil Absorbent Products

Say hello to our new line of oil absorbent products! In the past, we’ve carried a limited selection of oil absorbent pads that were available with bulk discount pricing, by the pallet. The products were fairly popular. So when we met our new supplier, we were excited to learn about the new categories of oil absorbents we could carry, as … Continue reading

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We Now Carry Squeeze Tubes for Peristaltic Pumps

If you use peristaltic pump systems from Knight, DEMA, or Hydro Systems, you know that eventually these tubes wear out because of the nature of the material they are made out of. The good news is that we can get any of the above manufacturer’s tubes for you. For Knight T-50E tubing, we actually have this popular squeeze tube in … Continue reading

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How to Prepare for Spring Weather

Punxsutawney Phil, that famous ground hog we rely on to tell us spring is on its way, didn’t see his shadow.  Spring is around the corner! When the snow is gone and the cold weather gets warmer, it often brings in dust, pollen and other debris into facilities. The winter weather also leaves behind leftover ice remover, such as rock … Continue reading

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How to Tackle Ice During the Cold Season

Ice can be a nuisance for any business during cold weather. Not only does it make a mess of surfaces, it can also potentially cause slips, falls and even a law suit if not maintained properly. Ensuring your business’s property is well maintained and ice-free is critical for all those who come to your business site, not matter what type … Continue reading

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Cleaning to Prepare for Colder Weather

Cleaning when the weather gets cold can be tough, especially if the responsibilities are outside. Because many businesses tend to keep the heat low or off when no one is in the facility, it can also make cleaning and sanitizing the inside of the facility tougher for you as well. To make your job easier, consider several things before and … Continue reading

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How to Tackle Tough Odors

Many businesses and facilities contain odors no matter how much they’re cleaned. Each business or other environment is unique. You can’t control how the facility runs its business or where the odors come from – but you can help keep the odors at bay. You can’t clean every time there’s a bad smell, but there are products to help assist … Continue reading

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The Best Safety Tips for Any Service Business

Safety is a first priority for any business that provides services to customers — not only for the customers, but also for your employees. Precautions should be taken, no matter how small they seem to be. Not taking those precautions can lead to harmful circumstances, because some customers and employees don’t understand the importance of it. Keep your employees and … Continue reading

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How to Use Dilution Ratios

Many businesses use too much of their cleaning products and supplies to do simple jobs. Products have dilution ratios, which clean a variety of surfaces using as little as one capfull per gallon. Properly cleaning using the manufacturer’s suggested dilution ratios saves you money. Employees don’t understand the dilution ratios and frequently use much more product than required, thinking it … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Your Hotel Should Provide Amenities Soaps

When considering all of the things a business can provide its guests, hotel amenities soaps seem like small items that don’t make that much difference. After all, most people bring their own shampoos and conditioners when they travel. But people sometimes forget items they intended to bring.  Then after realizing that they have forgotten something important, these travelers are stuck … Continue reading

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How to Properly Clean a Bathroom

You may think that there is no right way to clean a bathroom. You may think that it all depends on the size and shape of the space. You may even think that you have cleaned enough bathrooms to know exactly how it should be done. No matter which if these cynics you happen to be, I bet you will … Continue reading

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Now Accepting Paypal on Worldwide Janitor

We are happy to announce that we are now accepting Paypal as a method of payment for goods purchased on At Worldwide Janitor, we want to make the buying process as convenient and safe as possible for everyone. Many consumers prefer to use Paypal because of the additional layer of security it provides when making online purchases. It also … Continue reading

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Is It Safe to Use Acid Chemicals?

The Problem with Acid: The pH scale measures two extremes: acid and alkaline. They are equal in both their opposition and in their relevance to the cleaning industry. Recent environmental concerns, however, and subsequent discussions, have assigned very different values to these two extremes. While alkaline is generally ignored, playing the role of the less controversial and apathetic anti-hero, acid … Continue reading

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How pH Relates to Cleaning

History: “The power of hydrogen” scale, more commonly known as pH scale, was first devised in 1909 by Søren Sørensen, Director of Chemistry at Carlsberg Laboratory in Copenhagen, Denmark. [1] The laboratory was initially established in 1875 by JC Jacobsen with the intent to better understand the malting, brewing, and fermenting process of various grains and yeasts used to brew beer. … Continue reading

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How To Clean A Chandelier

When it comes time to cleaning your chandeliers, it can be a very time consuming process. For that reason many resort to just a light dusting from time to time. Overtime however, the chandelier can to begin to collect dust and cobwebs, not to mention, lose its luster. Rather than enhancing the beauty of your facility it can begin to … Continue reading

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How to Organize Janitorial Supplies

Being unorganized can really impact a company’s bottom line. It’s a waste of time to run out and buy new supplies because you can’t find something. It’s a waste of money to purchase duplicate cleaning products because you forgot what you have on hand. It’s a waste of a good impression when customers have to visit a business that hasn’t … Continue reading

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Good Business Depends on Keeping the Restroom Facilities Clean

It’s a task that men and women everywhere have had to tackle at home one time or another: How to keep the toilet clean. It’s definitely not a glamorous chore, but certainly a necessary one and that’s true both at home and in the workplace. Since most workplaces are required to maintain a bathroom for either its customers or employees, it’s … Continue reading

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