Covid-19 Update for Worldwide Janitor

These are difficult times, and the challenges we’ve faced are unprecedented. We are doing our best to help our customers acquire the products they love and especially the products that they need to fight Coronavirus. Here is an update on the status of our different product lines.

Disinfectants: Somehow we have managed to keep a steady supply of disinfectants coming in. The items you see here are in stock and ship out within 1-2 business days.

Face Masks: Unfortunately, this is all we have right now. We are not price gouging, we actually had to pay a lot to get these. That being said, they are in stock and ready to ship in 1-2 business days.

Alconox: We have been filling orders as usual here. There could be a lightly longer delay than normal for orders coming from the factory and Citranox 4×1 gal cases.

Chemical Dispensing Systems: Knight, Dema, Hydro Systems, and Seko have all been filling our drop ship orders as usual, and we still keep some stock on hand.

Laundry Products: We know this is a big area of concern for many because we have removed a lot of our products from the store. This was due to supply chain disruptions and orders not being filled in a timely manner. These products will return as soon as things get back to reasonable order fulfillment times.

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