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Is It Safe to Use Acid Chemicals?

The Problem with Acid: The pH scale measures two extremes: acid and alkaline. They are equal in both their opposition and in their relevance to the cleaning industry. Recent environmental concerns, however, and subsequent discussions, have assigned very different values to these two extremes. While alkaline is generally ignored, playing the role of the less controversial and apathetic anti-hero, acid … Continue reading

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How pH Relates to Cleaning

History: “The power of hydrogen” scale, more commonly known as pH scale, was first devised in 1909 by Søren Sørensen, Director of Chemistry at Carlsberg Laboratory in Copenhagen, Denmark. [1] The laboratory was initially established in 1875 by JC Jacobsen with the intent to better understand the malting, brewing, and fermenting process of various grains and yeasts used to brew beer. … Continue reading

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Tips For Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a very popular choice when it comes to choosing flooring for your building. This is because not only can it be much cheaper than having tile or hardwood flooring, but it is very durable and can last for many years. Despite it’s heavy-duty material, proper maintenance is needed to maintain the original look of the flooring. Therefore, … Continue reading

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Tools For Cleaning Your Company’s Vehicles

The general cleanliness and appearance of your facility can make a lasting impression on your future clients. Equally as important is the cleanliness of vehicles that represent your company. Any company vehicle that leaves your building, in a sense, represents what you company stands for. With that in mind, we have included a list of tools for cleaning your company’s … Continue reading

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How To Clean Upholstered Furniture

Without a doubt outside maintenance is important to a company, as this can make a lasting impression of what your company represents to the community. Equally, if not more important to outside maintenance is regular maintenance to the inside of your business as well. A common thing that is often missed when it comes to indoor maintenance is cleaning your … Continue reading

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NEW ORLEANS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Champion Metered Air Fresheners, aerosol deodorizers manufactured by Chase Products Company, are available for immediate purchase online at ( These fresh fruit and floral scents work in conjunction with a wall-mounted dispenser that automatically dispenses at predetermined intervals. They are ideal for institutional applications and can be ordered in bulk sizes including pallet quantities of 72 cases, … Continue reading

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How To Polish Wood Furniture

How is the wood furniture looking in your main lobby? Have the arm rests and the legs begun to lose their luster? Are scratches in the surface beginning to become more noticeable? Make your wood furniture look new again by giving it a quick polish. Polishing your wood furniture isn’t as hard as it sounds. Here are some simple steps … Continue reading

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Tips For Cleaning A Swimming Pool

On a hot and humid day, a cold, crystal clear swimming pool can be quite welcoming to your current and future clients. On the other side a cloudy, dirty, green colored swimming pool can cause your customers to have second thoughts. It is thus important to regularly clean and maintain your businesses pool area. Here are 8 tips to help … Continue reading

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