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Borolan: An Excellent Replacement for Boraxo Hand Soap

Well the internet is in an uproar about Boraxo being discontinued. Apparently this powdered hand soap was one of the last in a generation of powdered hand soaps with Borax, that was popular amongst mechanics and people who worked in shops where hands get very, very dirty and regular soaps just don’t do the job. Always seeking to please, Worldwide … Continue reading

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Cleaning Myths – The Old vs. The New Products

We often look for cleaning products and solutions to find cheaper, easier and more effective ways to clean. Some use natural ingredients to be greener and help protect our environment and the earth. Others search for products that make the cleaning process quick, easy and cheap. Some cleaning products your mother and grandmother recommended are still some of the best … Continue reading

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How to Use Critical Cleaning Products

An increasing elderly population has led to a variety of new health care settings and growth in pharmaceutical manufacturing. It also increased the demand for those who do these types of jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As technology advances, it’s led to the opening of acute care, outpatient care, ambulatory and community-based care settings and an up-tick in the … Continue reading

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Paper Towels or Hand Dryers in Public Restrooms?

There are several considerations when determining which method of hand drying is best for your facility. The method of hand drying must be economically sustainable for your business. But it’s also important to consider environmental factors and make sure that your business is not creating a bigger carbon footprint than necessary. Finally, it’s important to also weight which method is … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Prevent the Spread of Infectious Diseases in Bathrooms

While public safety is always the top priority, health threats such as the Ebola outbreak are a good opportunity to make sure that all staff are meeting cleaning standards and that managers are taking every action possible to prevent the spread of disease. Here are some easy steps you can take to reduce the spread of germs in your facility’s … Continue reading

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Everything is awesome when your wipes fit in a cupholder!

I watched the Lego movie with my kids, and ever since this song is stuck in my head. So every time I really like something, I start off with “everything is awesome….”♪♫♫♫ Seriously though – these are awesome because I am obsessed with having clean hands, and because most cans of antibacterial wipes are too big for the cupholders in … Continue reading

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