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How to Choose a Commercial Dishwashing Detergent

If you maintain a restaurant, kitchen, cafeteria, hotel, hospital, or school, chances are you will eventually need to choose a dishwashing detergent to serve the needs of your facility. You have lots of choices, but with the right information, you can decide which product is right for you. The Benefits of Buying Wholesale When you are maintaining a facility, it … Continue reading

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How to Choose a Commercial Floor Machine

When you finally get to the point in your business when you’re looking to invest in a commercial floor machine, the options can be a little bit overwhelming. Whether this is the first time you are purchasing floor machines or you have made the purchase before, there are some helpful hints that you need to know that will help make … Continue reading

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Paper Towels or Hand Dryers in Public Restrooms?

There are several considerations when determining which method of hand drying is best for your facility. The method of hand drying must be economically sustainable for your business. But it’s also important to consider environmental factors and make sure that your business is not creating a bigger carbon footprint than necessary. Finally, it’s important to also weight which method is … Continue reading

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13 Commercial Laundry Hacks

When your business depends on your ability to hack even the toughest laundry challenges in a hurry, there’s no time to fight with stains. You need solutions that work reliably the first time. That’s why we’ve put together this list of laundry hacks that are effective at removing notorious stains and solving your commercial laundry issues. 1. Removing ink stains … Continue reading

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When and How to Use an Acid Product

Whether you’re cleaning rust from porcelain, removing mineral deposits from a spa or bathtub, or even deep cleaning a toilet, there are times when your typical cleaning product just doesn’t cut it. You need something much stronger. In these cases, the professionals turn to acid cleaning products. Acid products are to be handled with extreme care and caution: using them … Continue reading

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