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What’s the Difference Between a Sanitizer and a Disinfectant?

While browsing Worldwide Janitor’s online store, you might have noticed that some cleaning products are called sanitizers, such as our CHC-15 Chlorine Sanitizer, while others are called disinfectants, such as our Pine Disinfectant. Is there really a difference? And if so, how do you determine which product to use on a particular surface or facility? Even though the terms are … Continue reading

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Everything is awesome when your wipes fit in a cupholder!

I watched the Lego movie with my kids, and ever since this song is stuck in my head. So every time I really like something, I start off with “everything is awesome….”♪♫♫♫ Seriously though – these are awesome because I am obsessed with having clean hands, and because most cans of antibacterial wipes are too big for the cupholders in … Continue reading

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6 Benefits of the S-Pack Storage System

The S-Pack storage system is a whole new way of organizing your cleaning product space. The system consists of the S-Pack rack, which stores cleaners vertically, utilizing space that many facilities waste. Four great cleaning products are specifically designed for use in the S-Pack system. Unlike most liquid cleaners, which are in plastic bottles, S-Pack cleaners are stored in sturdy … Continue reading

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How Much Bleach Should Be Used for Disinfecting?

A lot of us use bleach for disinfecting, and it is widely known to be one of the best tools for disinfecting available, but are we doing it right? How much should we use? You could be wasting a lot of bleach or the opposite – not using enough. Here is what the CDC recommends for using sodium hypochlorite (bleach … Continue reading

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Not All Bleach Is Created Equal

Worldwide Janitor has many different bleach products to choose from. While browsing the laundry section of our website, you might notice some products you are familiar with, but you may also see some products you’re not so familiar with. Bleach products that we sell include: Oxy Care Oxygen dry bleach Traditional chlorine bleach Chlorine dry bleach Each of these products … Continue reading

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Your New Favorite Cleaning Product: Oxy Care

While browsing cleaning products on Worldwide Janitor, you may have noticed a product called Oxy Care.This amazing organic stain-removing product is in a category all on its own because it is so unique and has a wide variety of uses. In many ways, it’s like a magic cleaner! Before we talk about all the ways it can be used, what … Continue reading

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How to Clean Up an Ebola Virus Mess

The recent Ebola virus outbreak has a lot of people  scared, and with good reason. According to the CDC: “First, by way of background, Ebola virus disease is very frightening.  It is frankly a dreadful and merciless virus.  The current outbreak is bad.  It’s the biggest, most complex and the first time it’s been present in this region of the … Continue reading

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