Not All Bleach Is Created Equal

187845213Worldwide Janitor has many different bleach products to choose from. While browsing the laundry section of our website, you might notice some products you are familiar with, but you may also see some products you’re not so familiar with. Bleach products that we sell include:

  • Oxy Care
  • Oxygen dry bleach
  • Traditional chlorine bleach
  • Chlorine dry bleach

Each of these products has advantages and disadvantages. This article will demystify Worldwide Janitor bleach products so that you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Oxy Care

Last week, we talked about an amazing product called Oxy Care that uses an oxygen process to remove organic stains in clothing, upholstery, and other materials. Oxy Care is available in the laundry section of our website, but it is contained in its own section as well because it is so versatile. You can read more about Oxy Care and some of its other uses here.

One of the advantages of Oxy Care over traditional chlorine bleach is that Oxy Care can be used on colored fabrics, not just whites and linens. While Oxy Care is great for use in laundry loads, it should be used in conjunction with laundry detergent rather than on its own. Add Oxy Care to your loads of laundry to brighten colors and take out stains. Oxy Care has a pleasant citrus scent.

Oxy Care is also better for the environment than traditional bleach because Oxy Care does not contain chlorine, which is a hazardous chemical. For this reason, Oxy Care is safe to use around people and animals.

Oxygen Dry Bleach

Like Oxy Care (and its name-brand counterpart, Oxiclean), oxygen dry bleach uses the oxygenating process to remove organic stains such as chocolate, dirt, and blood. Oxygen dry bleach is also a non-chlorine bleach, so it is better for the environment and safer for use around kids.

Oxygen dry bleach is not the same as Oxy Care, however. One of the main differences between the two is that oxygen dry bleach can be used as a laundry detergent in itself, whereas Oxy Care is used as a supplement to laundry detergent. You can save money by using oxygen dry bleach instead of regular laundry detergent combined with Oxy Care. Unlike Oxy Care, oxygen dry bleach is not scented.

Neither oxygen dry bleach nor Oxy Care is as strong as chlorine bleach. When it comes to removing difficult stains from white fabrics and making whites whiter, nothing beats traditional chlorine bleach.

Traditional Chlorine Bleach

Traditional chlorine bleach is the product that you think of when you think of “bleach.” Its active ingredient is sodium hypochlorite and it is traditionally in a liquid form. Chlorine bleach can be used for a number of purposes besides laundry, including disinfecting bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Traditional bleach is used in hospitals and other spaces that need strong sanitizing power because its active ingredient, chlorine, kills germs extremely effectively.

The effective cleaning power comes at a price though: the major disadvantage of traditional chlorine bleach is that it is toxic for children, animals, and the environment. It is best used for white fabrics because it removes all color. Traditional chlorine bleach can also damage fabrics over time. For these reasons, oxygen bleach can be a great alternative.

Chlorine Dry Bleach

Chlorine dry bleach is the powdered alternative to traditional liquid bleach. It is a good alternative for businesses and organizations that have a heavy volume of clothing to wash, such as hotels, gyms, assisted living centers, or daycares.

Choosing between the chlorine dry bleach and traditional liquid chlorine bleach is simply a matter of preference. They use virtually the same product to whiten, but dry products often have a longer shelf life than liquid. On the other hand, if you are using your bleach as a cleaner in bathrooms and kitchens instead of (or in addition to) laundry, chlorine bleach in liquid form will probably be easier to use. Chlorine dry bleach is economical if purchased in bulk on Worldwide Janitor.

To Sum It Up

Choosing your bleach product depends on your facility’s needs. You should choose oxygen bleach if you need:

  • An environmentally safe product that is also safer for use around kids and animals
  • A product that’s color-safe
  • To remove organic stains

You should choose chlorine bleach if you:

  • Need to clean white fabrics
  • Need a very powerful disinfectant for a space such as a hospital
  • Have a safe place to store it away from animals or curious kids

Regardless of your priorities, Worldwide Janitor has everything you need to keep your facility clean and safe. Start shopping now to find the right product for you.

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    is all bleach the same?

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    are all bleach the same?

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