A Crown Chemical Distributor Near You

Supply chain issues have hit us all hard since Covid-19, and nowhere was that more apparent than in our laundry products category. We have always prided ourselves in carrying the best quality commercial laundry detergents known to man, but prices have been rising faster than we can keep up with updating them on our website.

Because of this, we searched all over the USA for a high quality manufacturer that could help us maintain price stability in this difficult environment and provide the high quality detergents and supply that our customers demand.

Crown Chemical was a perfect fit for us. By becoming a distributor for Crown Chemical, we expanded our laundry products line to include products that meet some specs which were previously not available to our customers. We also make their products available all over the USA by providing reasonable shipping prices through our easy to use web interface.

A few new products we like from Crown are:

Powerwash: A low sudsing, alkaline laundry detergent with phosphates for the toughest jobs.

Losuds: Another alkaline detergent with phosphates, but also additional enzymes to aid in the breakdown of organic matter.

Citation: Finally we have some solid laundry detergent for dispensing equipment! This one has phosphates, enzymes, and color safe bleach.

Sunbrite: A powdered chlorine bleach that comes at a great price.

OxyBleach: One of our best sellers so far! A color safe bleach that customers love.

Multi-Chlor: A 10% bleach product in 5 gallon pails, perfect for automatic dispensers.

We also created a product guide that lists specs for our different laundry products, so that customers can more easily decide which product is best for them.

We hope you’ll enjoy our new line of laundry products from Crown Chemical!

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