Everything is awesome when your wipes fit in a cupholder!

Cupholder Hand Wipes

We liked these so much that we bought extra to sell on Worldwide Janitor.com

I watched the Lego movie with my kids, and ever since this song is stuck in my head. So every time I really like something, I start off with “everything is awesome….”♪♫♫♫

Seriously though – these are awesome because I am obsessed with having clean hands, and because most cans of antibacterial wipes are too big for the cupholders in my car. In the past, the big containers of antibacterial wipes get thrown in the back seat because they are too big to even fit under the seat or in the glove box. That creates an additional problem in that you have to reach around to find them and hope that the kids didn’t kick them out of the car after you dropped them off for school that morning.

These wipes have totally solved my problem of keeping wipes in the car. Yes, they are the size of a 12 oz. can. They can easily fit in a purse, glove box, or anywhere else you can fit a can of coke. And I like the fact that they are antibacterial also.

Thinking that others might feel the same way, I ordered extra to put them on the website. We can even get them private labeled for you as well if you’re interested.

“Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you have these wipes!” ♪♫♫♫

Click here for more info on our new cupholder wipes…


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