How to Use Critical Cleaning Products

Technicians working in the pharmaceutical production lineAn increasing elderly population has led to a variety of new health care settings and growth in pharmaceutical manufacturing. It also increased the demand for those who do these types of jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As technology advances, it’s led to the opening of acute care, outpatient care, ambulatory and community-based care settings and an up-tick in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Facilities used for any type of medical care, medical or pharmaceutical manufacturing require the use of cleaning products that are approved by state and federal authorities. These agencies not only require that the products are approved, but also that specific cleaning guidelines are followed. Worldwide Janitor offers a complete line of Alconox products, which are distributed and used in these industries.

More than 2 million patients per year develop infections or die because these facilities are improperly cleaned, according to the CDC. Pharmaceutical and food manufacturing facilities can also cause sickness if they are not properly cleaned. Germs and other harmful contaminants  can be transferred to heath care settings and the general population that use products manufactured by these industries that aren’t properly sanitized. OSHA requirements continue to become stricter to ensure sanitation in critical care cleaning. Other agencies, such as the USDA, FDA and EPA also continually study potential hazards to public safety and continue to administer stricter guidelines. Alconox provides a variety of products to clean your facility in accordance to federal regulatory agency guidelines.

Using validated products, such as Alconox, are critical to clean facilities and ensure bacteria and other germs are eliminated. Proper training of employees is just as critical. Each of Worldwide Janitor’s Alconox products come with a complete list of how to use the products and what types of surfaces and equipment to use them on.

Different types of Alconox products are required for different types of cleaning. Some products can be used on a variety of surfaces. Operating rooms and critical care rooms are cleaned by surgical technicians or staff well-trained to clean potentially hazardous areas. EPA approved products should be selected for cleaning these types of areas, such as Alconox. In pharmaceutical manufacturing settings, the facilities are also cleaned by highly-trained employees.

General hospital staff, such as housekeepers, janitors and orderlies clean other areas, such as patient rooms. These environments and equipment typically require using other types of products. Although protective clothing is often not required for this staff, all employees should wash their hands every time they change their gloves or finish cleaning each patient room, restroom, and other janitorial areas for safety reasons.

Employees who clean areas such as operating rooms, laboratories and clean rooms must wear protective clothing to ensure they don’t transfer or become infected with potentially harmful infections, diseases or bacteria. Protective clothing includes scrubs, protective masks, and shoe and head coverings. Eye protection is also required to avoid the potential of blood splatters and other bodily fluids while the employees are cleaning. Even those who provide maintenance in these types of critical care areas are required to wear protective clothing.  This protects patients and employees against any possible exposure.

In pharmaceutical settings, such as manufacturing, clean rooms and laboratories, Alconox is extremely effective to handle all of your needs for cleaning the equipment it uses. Highly effective, but gentle on equipment and other surfaces that require FDA certified cleaning.  Most Alconox products are biodegradable and have no hazardous ingredients, in accordance with OSHA guidelines.

Along with Alconox, Worldwide Janitor has a complete line of hand soaps and cleaners, including antiseptic soap. The soap is recommended for homes, office buildings, theaters, hotels, motels, barber shops, beauty salons, shipyards, warehouses and retail stores. No dilution is required for Snee’s line of hand soaps. These products are ready-to-use. Along with hand soap, Snee offers a hand sanitizer and bar soap perfect for use in industries that require aggressive cleaning to remove grease, tar, ink and other aggressive products that can damage hands and clothes.

Always dilute or use Alconox products exactly as instructed to ensure proportions are correct and guarantee proper cleaning. Because the products are highly-effective, using the the correct proportions will do the job well.  Using more Alconox and less water won’t make the product do a better job. Using proper dilution ratios also saves money.

Please keep in mind that Worldwide Janitor requires 3 to 5 day handling time on Alconox brand products. Most Alconox products have a 2-year shelf life from the date of manufacture. Each product is available either by the case or in bulk.

At Worldwide Janitor, we want to offer you the largest selection of the best products for your business. Check out our bulk pricing discounts. We always critically investigate and test the products we sell to ensure quality products for facilities that require a high level of quality control.

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