Tools For Cleaning Your Company’s Vehicles

washing company carThe general cleanliness and appearance of your facility can make a lasting impression on your future clients. Equally as important is the cleanliness of vehicles that represent your company. Any company vehicle that leaves your building, in a sense, represents what you company stands for. With that in mind, we have included a list of tools for cleaning your company’s vehicles.

6 Tools For Cleaning Your Company’s Vehicles

Vacuum. Nothing could be more embarrassing than driving up for a company meeting with future clients, opening the door and having fast food bags fall out of the car. Prevent this from happening by regularly vacuuming out the vehicles, as well as picking up any loose trash. For vehicles that will be used by a variety of different people, it may be beneficial to have a canister in the car just for trash. This will make cleaning up that much easier.

All-Purpose Car Wash Detergent. This product works great in making your company vehicles look like new. It is very effective against water spots, mud, bugs, and general dirt and grime. This product is safe to use on trucks, buses, cars, and motorcycles. Simply dilute as directed on the bottle. Apply liberally to the vehicle’s surface with a micro fiber cloth. A light scrubbing maybe needed for those more difficult areas. Lastly rinse the vehicle.

Carpet Spot & Stain Remover. This is another essential tool for keeping the interior of your vehicle looking like new. Failure to properly wipe off shoes before entering the vehicle can leave stains on the floor mats. Another thing that commonly happens with company cars is an employee entering the vehicle with dirty clothing from the work day. This too can leave marks or possibly stain the upholstery in your vehicle. Carpet Spot & Stain Remover is a great product to have on hand for these situations. This product works very effectively in removing dirt, grease, gum, grime, oil as well as other stains you may find on the upholstery. Simply apply to the stain and gently agitate the area. Allow the solution to dwell and rinse with a micro fiber cloth. The best part is this product leaves no residue, meaning your rugs will stay clean for a longer period of time.

Micro fiber cloth. These work very effectively in applying the car wash detergent to you vehicle. They also work very well in cleaning the interior of your vehicle such as the dash, console, steering wheel or any other areas where dust and dirt can accumulate. They can be used for a light dusting or you may also try adding a little soap and water to the cloth to get remove some of those tougher marks in the interior. Another important step that is many times is overlooked when it comes to washing your vehicle is to dry the vehicle as well. Depending on your water source, if a vehicle is allowed to air dry it can leave hard water spots on the surface. These will become especially noticeable on the vehicle’s windows. Over time these hard water spots can become very difficult to remove. Avoid dealing with hard water spots altogether by drying the vehicle with a micro fiber cloth after it‘s been washed.

Bug Squeegee. Bugs, grime, and other dirt that is clinging to your windshield or headlights can prove to be very difficult to remove without leaving streaks. The Bug squeegee is equipped with a squeegee on one side and a scrubber on the other, making cleaning your vehicle’s windows that much easier. Simply apply your window cleaning solution to the glass, scrub with the scrubber, and squeegee off. In between strokes, it may be helpful to use a micro fiber cloth to wipe the squeegee blade in order to prevent leaving streaks. It is often more beneficial to use a squeegee to clean the interior windows as well, as opposed to simply wiping them down with a cloth. Clothes used for cleaning interior windows can leave smudges and streaks that will become very noticeable especially while driving at night. Avoid this by following the same process mentioned above, only this time use a regular squeegee as a bug squeegee can be very difficult to maneuver inside a vehicle.

Tire Cleaner. Clean tires not only increase the appearance of your vehicle, but by properly maintaining them, they will last much longer. Use a tire cleaner or car wash solution to thoroughly scrub any dirt, brake dust, or anything else that may be on the rim or the tire itself. Allow the tire to dry. Once the tire has thoroughly dried, you can apply the Super Blue Tire Dressing. This product is a silicone based product that will make your tires shine like new again. It also offers a measure of protection against the sun that can cause the tire to crack, dull, harden or fade.

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