Tips For Cleaning A Swimming Pool

cleaning poolOn a hot and humid day, a cold, crystal clear swimming pool can be quite welcoming to your current and future clients. On the other side a cloudy, dirty, green colored swimming pool can cause your customers to have second thoughts. It is thus important to regularly clean and maintain your businesses pool area. Here are 8 tips to help keep your swimming pool clean.

Routine maintenance. Routine maintenance is essential to keeping a swimming pool clean. It only takes a few minutes each day to remove such things as leaves and other objects off of the waters surface. Keep the net in an easy to reach location so you can skim regularly the pool surface. Also, it’s important to have a net with a telescoping handle. This will help to get some of those hard to reach spots.

Vacuum regularly. Algae as well as other things can stick to your pools walls and floor. An automatic vacuum that runs on the bottom of the pool can be very effective in keeping the algae at bay. However, you may also find it beneficial to manually vacuum the pool walls and floor regularly. Depending on the size of the pool and based on the amount of time the pool is used, this could vary by day or week.

Outdoor shower. If you haven’t already, have an outdoor shower installed by the swimming pool. Dirt, sand, and anything else the swimmer brings into the pool can call for much heavier maintenance. Having an outdoor, pool-side shower along with signs encouraging the use of it before getting into the pool, can significantly help cut down pool maintenance costs.

Determine what type of Chlorine to use. Chlorine plays an important role in keeping your pool clean. Chlorine kills potentially harmful bacteria making your pool safe to swim in. There are however many factors to consider when choosing what type of chlorine and how much to use. The size of the pool, the amount of gallons of water, the local weather, how often the pool is used, and the results of water testing are just some of the factors that determine how much chlorine should be used. Never just add chemicals to the water. Always test water properly before adding chlorine or other chemicals.

There are two different types of chlorine tablets that work effectively in keeping your pool clean. The first one is 1 inch chlorine tablets. This tablet dissolves more quickly in the water and is best suited for small in-ground swimming pools and spas. On the other hand, 3 inch chlorine tablets are equally effective in killing the bacteria in your pool, but dissolve much slower in the water, thus requiring less maintenance.

Always follow instructions on the bottle for adding chlorine to water. Too much chlorine can cause burning in the eyes and nostrils of the swimmer.

Test regularly. Besides chlorine, there are many chemicals that can help to maintain the cleanliness of your pool. You may want to take a look at the chemical selection for pool maintenance here at Worldwide Janitor. Of course these chemicals only work properly when the water is tested and the right amount is used and maintained. Regular testing of the water can be beneficial in maintaining these chemicals to their proper amount. This is important because too much of one chemical can affect the effectiveness of another. For example, water that has a high ph level can severely reduce the effectiveness of the chlorine sanitizing your water. So before adding any chemicals, make sure to properly test the water and follow the directions to ensure the right amount is used.

Clear pump baskets regularly. Clogged pump baskets can make the pump work harder, which in turn makes it more difficult to filter the water. This puts much unneeded strain on your pump, potentially causing it to wear out faster. Pump baskets clogged with debris can also slow down the amount of water being pulled back into the pump. This reduces the amount of water that is being filtered by the pool’s filtration system, leaving you with dirty, cloudy looking water. Instead, make sure to regularly check the pump baskets and remove any debris. This should be down at least once a week.

Cover pool. If the pool is going to be unoccupied for sometime, a cover can be very helpful in preventing debris from entering the area.

Pool deck. When it comes to cleaning the pool, much thought it given to the pool itself, but many forget about the pool deck area. This is important because just as bacteria can buildup inside the pool, it can grow on the pool deck as well. In order to keep your pool deck looking clean, use a light scrubber along with a disinfectant. Depending on the material and the size of the pool deck, you may even use a pressure washer to remove any buildup.

By following these simple tips and keeping to a regular pool maintenance schedule your pool will look cleaner than ever.

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  1. Pancho Cham says:

    I just got a new home that came with an indoor swimming pool, and I need to learn how to maintain it. I’ll take your advice and I won’t use too much chlorine to avoid discomfort while swimming. I’ll also make sure to test the water regularly to keep it where it should be.

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