How To Clean A Chandelier

cleaning chandelierWhen it comes time to cleaning your chandeliers, it can be a very time consuming process. For that reason many resort to just a light dusting from time to time. Overtime however, the chandelier can to begin to collect dust and cobwebs, not to mention, lose its luster. Rather than enhancing the beauty of your facility it can begin to detract from it. In order to avoid this and to keep your chandelier looking clean and shiny, a regular deep cleaning is needed. Here are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to deep cleaning your chandelier.

Dust thoroughly. Begin cleaning your chandelier with a very thorough dusting. This can be done with either a feather duster or micro fiber cloth. Make sure to not only wipe away the dust, but also any cobwebs or other things that may be clinging to the chandelier. Remember also to dust around the bulbs, as well as the light bulbs themselves. Depending on how dusty the chandelier is, you may need to wear a dust mask or keep a window open for air circulation. In between deep cleanings, it may be beneficial to do a light dusting regularly to keep dust and cobwebs at bay.

Dismantle chandelier. After you have thoroughly dusted the chandelier, begin taking apart any crystal pendants that need to be cleaned. Once they have been removed, carefully place them in a large bucket. Be extremely careful with the pendants, as they can scratch easily.

Mix cleaning detergent. There are two cleaning detergents that can be used for chandeliers. One is Window Cleaner. Since most chandeliers are made of crystal or glass, the window cleaner can help make each pendants shine like new. However this detergent contains ammonia which works great on glass, but can be harsh on metal, causing damage or discoloration. If you are planning on using this product, be aware of this and avoid any contact with metal.

Another cleaning detergent as equally powerful is Non-Ammoniated Window Cleaner. This cleaner contains no ammonia making it safe to use on various metals. Brass or metal cleaners are generally not recommended to use on chandeliers, making this product a great option. Always test new products first though, in a small inconspicuous area as different materials react differently to cleaners. Once you have chosen a cleaner and tested it in a small area, begin mixing as directed on the bottle.

Clean pendants and structure. Once you have your cleaning solution ready, wet a micro fiber rag with the solution and carefully wipe down each pendant individually. After each piece is wiped down with the solution, place the pendants on a towel and allow to dry. Next, begin cleaning the rest of the structure in the same manner. Allow the structure to dry completely before turning the lights back on.

Another way to effectively clean the pendants especially if you have a lot of small pieces is to carefully place each piece into a colander. Dip the colander into the cleaning solution and then rinse the pieces in clean water. Individually remove them from the colander and place them on a towel to dry, cleaning any remaining smudges with a wet micro fiber clothe.

Reassemble chandelier. Once the structure and the pendants are clean, start to reattach the pendants. In order to avoid breaking the crystal pieces, carry them up to the structure in small groups. After you have reattached all the pieces, add some of the cleaning solution to an empty spray bottle, spray on a micro fiber cloth and touch up any smudges or fingerprints.

Chandelier Cleaning Safety Tips

Turn off the chandelier. Since you will be working around electricity, before you begin dusting you want to make sure to turn off the chandelier itself and remove any other potentially harmful objects in the area. You may also find it helpful to tape the light switch as a reminder to others that you will be working on the chandelier. Once the light is off, wait 30 minutes to allow the light bulbs to cool. Working on a ladder without a light source can be dangerous, so may need to bring in another light source into the room to alleviate this danger.

Use a drop cloth. Placing a drop cloth or a thick blanket under the area you will be working can help to protect your flooring from any drips or loose dirt and dust from the chandelier. Since you will be working up high, there is always a chance you could drop a light bulb or crystal pendant from the structure. For this reason, a thick blanket or drop cloth can also be beneficial as it may just soften the blow.

Ladder safety. At times chandeliers can be located in hard to reach, high areas which call for the use of a high ladder. When on a ladder, always keep in mind those around you, especially those that may be beneath you. Never go above the direction on the ladder and stand on the top step. Avoid over exerting yourself to one side or the other as this could allow the ladder to tip and lead to bodily harm.

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