How to Organize Janitorial Supplies

Janitorial SuppliesBeing unorganized can really impact a company’s bottom line. It’s a waste of time to run out and buy new supplies because you can’t find something. It’s a waste of money to purchase duplicate cleaning products because you forgot what you have on hand. It’s a waste of a good impression when customers have to visit a business that hasn’t been properly cleaned and maintained because the janitorial closet is in disarray.
It can be overwhelming to manage every small detail of a business, but there are plenty of ways to maintain an organized, well-run custodial closet, cart or caddy that will make the day-to-day cleaning tasks operate more smoothly.
Make cleaning a no-brainer. The S-Pack Starter Kit makes it easy to start a cleaning program from the ground up. The kit includes essential products that every business should have on site, including a high quality all-purpose cleaner, pure lemon odor neutralizer, heavy duty degreaser and streak free glass cleaner. The products come in concentrated form so they are economical and easy to store in the free, five-shelf storage rack that is included with purchase. All cleaners are available for reorder in individual quantities as well.

Keep it neat. Whether you own or manage a restaurant, retail business or health care office, supplies that you need to care for customers, clients and patients need be kept handy, but also appear tidy and organized. Look for products that will help you achieve this, such as glove dispensers. Often used in doctor’s offices, food processing plants and restaurants, dispensers offer easy access to disposable gloves, but keep them so organized that people often won’t realize they are even there until you reach for them.

Organize supplies behind the scenes. To get you on the right path to solid cleaning systems, keep janitorial supplies in the storage area neat and tidy. If the space is small, consider organizing cleaning items in a caddy or on a cart. These items can hold several products, thus maximizing space efficiently.

Another organization secret is to keep products off the floor. Install shelving units or wall mount hangers to prevent brooms, mops and other items from toppling over and creating a potential hazard.

Invest in mobile supplies. If you operate a business that requires employees to carry cleaning supplies with them, such as a hotel or cleaning service, invest in high quality carriers that will make their jobs easier. The Janitorial Cart with 25 Gallon Yellow Vinyl Bag is perfect for employees who need cleaning supplies with them, but also a place to collect dirty laundry and linens.

If you’re concerned about customers gaining access to toxic or potentially harmful chemicals that are stored on mobile carts, consider a janitorial cart lock box. This fits right into the cart and allows access via a key only.

For employees who use rolling janitorial carts not only to clean, but also re-stock items such as restroom paper products, make sure the cart includes space for these items as well as trash bags.

Work with what you have. Don’t let customers see stained or messy carts on the job. To prevent cross-contamination of bacteria as employees move from area to area throughout the business, require staff members to wipe down their janitorial carts with an anti-bacterial agent or disinfectant at the end of each shift. Have them remove any cleaning cloths that need to be laundered at that time as well to lessen the chances that they are accidentally used again.

Put your plan in action. Remember, organizing isn’t a one-time only task. It is a process that must be nurtured so always set aside some time to re-evaluate your organizing systems and janitorial supplies. Doing so will keep your focus where it needs to be – on your customers.

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