Good Business Depends on Keeping the Restroom Facilities Clean

158721283 (1)It’s a task that men and women everywhere have had to tackle at home one time or another: How to keep the toilet clean.
It’s definitely not a glamorous chore, but certainly a necessary one and that’s true both at home and in the workplace. Since most workplaces are required to maintain a bathroom for either its customers or employees, it’s important that business owners are aware of the consequences of a disgusting restroom and the benefits of a well-maintained bathroom facility.
Ask most people how to rate a business and chances are owners will hear all about the service, the food or merchandise and the prices. However, perhaps the strongest reactions have to do with the restroom facilities.
If they are messy, stinky, grimy, small or otherwise unappealing, customers will take note. They may complain to staff members or refuse to patronize the business again. A clean, well-maintained restroom area will earn silent cheers from customers and while they may not commend staff members for their diligence, they will appreciate their efforts.
Chores like wiping counters, keeping the floor clear of paper towel clutter and refilling soap dispensers are relatively easy to do. The toilet itself, however, can be another story.

The good news is that there are a number of commercial grade cleaners on the market that can make cleaning the toilet – and keeping it clean – easier than ever.

Mildew and stain removers. If the toilet bowl has been neglected for some time, using a quality mildew and stain remover may be in order. These powerful cleaners often include a tried-and-true ingredient for getting the toilet bowl sparkling white: Bleach. This type of cleaner is designed to break through old stains so regular maintenance can be achieved.

Toilet bowl crystals. These products are specially formulated to take care of hard water and rust stains that can occur over time. They are effective cleaners for porcelain toilet bowls and urinals, but won’t harm septic tanks or plumbing in the business.

Toilet bowl cleaners. Whether a household or commercial grade variety, toilet bowl cleaners are a great way to get the job done quickly and easily. Simply squirt some of the cleaner around the edge of the toilet bowl, let sit for a very short time and then scrub clean with a toilet brush. No muss, no fuss.

Multi-purpose foam cleaners. Similar to toilet bowl cleaners, these products containing foaming agents allow the product to cling to the side of the toilet bowl before dripping down into the toilet water. The benefit of these cleaners is that they can clean very effectively underneath the toilet bowl rim in places that are often hard to reach with a toilet brush.

Deodorizing products. These cleaners are stuck or poured inside the toilet bowl to work continuously every time the toilet is flushed. They are often easily recognized by their familiar blue color and light fragrance. They can be used in indoor restroom toilets or outdoor port-a-potties.

Our web site carries a complete line of wholesale commercial and industrial cleansers from the Snee Chemical Company that are specially formulated for commercial toilets. Many of these cleaning products can also do double-duty by cleaning many types of porcelain, fiberglass and even metal surfaces.

Safety first. Make sure employees have access to safety equipment when cleaning the toilet. Cleaner fumes and chemicals may expose employees to potential danger, so provide them with cleaning masks and gloves to avoid any hazardous contact. Also remind employees that chemical cleaners of any kind should never be mixed or otherwise used together simultaneously.


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