5 Reasons Your Hotel Should Provide Amenities Soaps

spa-essentials.jpg.image.200x110When considering all of the things a business can provide its guests, hotel amenities soaps seem like small items that don’t make that much difference. After all, most people bring their own shampoos and conditioners when they travel. But people sometimes forget items they intended to bring.  Then after realizing that they have forgotten something important, these travelers are stuck in a city that they aren’t familiar with in need of daily items that they would have easy access to if they were in their own homes. Your business may easily provide these items, though, solve a problem and make its guests feel more at home, reaping benefits for your organization.

When you have met your guests’ need by providing hotel amenities soaps, they are appreciative and are left with a positive impression of your business. Going that extra mile increases their satisfaction with your business, as well as providing other benefits. Here are just a few reasons to treat your guests with these items.

1.You Will Exceed Expectations

Your guests want to feel like they are getting what they pay for, especially when paying for an accommodation. They have certain expectations of what a value in this area looks like for them. For a hotel or motel room, basic expectations that guests have of each experience is that the business provides a clean bed, clean room, clean bathroom, and the like.  If you are charging a basic price, then that’s probably all they expect. But if you are charging a mid-range price, your guests expect more. Your goal should be to exceed those expectations.

When you meet or exceed their expectations, you increase your customers’ overall satisfaction with your business, which helps your bottom line. This boost in revenue happens because when you increase satisfaction, customers stay longer, take advantage of more paid amenities, and more. All of this adds up to more income for your business.

2.You Will Stand Out Above Your Competitors

By providing amenity soaps for your guests, your visitors know that your business cares about them and their needs.

In a business like the hospitality industry, where many visitors pass through without spending much time, hotel patrons can start to feel like they are more of a number than a person in the eyes of the business. When you show your guests that you care about them and provide small items that make their visit that much more comfortable, they will remember that.

Going this extra mile especially helps if you are in area with any kind of competition for accommodations. In these situations, you especially want your business to stand out and feel different, friendlier, more welcoming than the others. Providing hotel amenities soaps is a great way to do that.

3.You Will Have More Return Customers

More satisfied customers means more returning customers.  These repeat visitors increase the revenue of your organization and lead to growth and expansion, so they are vital to a healthy business. This loyal base of customers will also help you avoid financial insecurity, as they will continue to visit your business and will keep your income steady in times of lean economy.

4.You Will Have More Customers in General

By meeting the needs and expectations of your customers, you leave them satisfied. Happy, satisfied customers will tell their friends, family, and anyone who will listen about an experience they had that was positive and over the top. This word-of-mouth marketing from your guests  is something that is quite powerful and will help your customer base grow. People will take the advice of  a friend or relative and will seek out the positive experience for themselves. Good service, good amenities will provide this to your business.

5.You Will Give Your Customers Positive Connotations

You don’t need to provide your guests with the latest and greatest brands, but consider giving them a product that shows a certain amount of luxury or pampering. Brands that use words like “spa” or “luxury” will trigger a certain very positive connotation for your guests and make them feel more pampered, more taken care of.

This connotation carries over to if and when they take those products home with them. They will remember the perceived thoughtfulness of your providing that item for their use. They will look at that small bottle of lotion or soap and see the provision that you gave them, linking that feeling to you.

As you can see, by providing one seemingly small amenity for your guests, you can help your business immensely. Not sure where to start looking for hotel amenities soaps?  Check out our selection of spa essentials, a collection that combines aromatherapy and eco-friendliness to appease a wide range of customers. Still not sure? Contact us. Send us an email We are happy to help you help your guests. We want to help you be successful!



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