How to Tackle Ice During the Cold Season

purple-heat-ice-melt.JPG.image.114x180Ice can be a nuisance for any business during cold weather. Not only does it make a mess of surfaces, it can also potentially cause slips, falls and even a law suit if not maintained properly. Ensuring your business’s property is well maintained and ice-free is critical for all those who come to your business site, not matter what type of business it is. With the cold approaching, it’s important to be prepared.

Have a Staff Ready to Tackle Ice and Snow at Anytime

No matter when your business operates, you’ll need staff to be on stand-by to help remove snow and ice during cold months. Plan ahead — assist your staff by providing overnight sleeping arrangements on-site, so they don’t have to travel in snow or icy conditions. Although your business may close in these circumstances, customers might try to stop by, even in the worst conditions. Simple necessities, such as blow up beds, pillows and blankets allows employees to spend the night in any area to tackle snow and ice as quickly as possible. Whether it be internal staff or an outside contract company, provide the basic necessities to make their job easier.

Provide Equipment to Make the Job Safer

While high-tech equipment can be costly, for those who are simply clearing areas such as sidewalks from snow and ice should wear some protective gear. Ice Melt can damage your hands and make them very dry, even with standard gloves. Some gloves, such as the Neoprene Gloves, can assist in keeping your hands safe from the aggressive salt and ice melt products. If employees are spreading salt using their hands, it not only protects them from the elements, but also the chemicals in all ice and snow melt products. Even if you’re using equipment to remove the snow and ice, protective gloves are important.

Other protective gear such as snow boots, thermal socks, pants and gloves can assist in ensuring your staff has the proper gear so they don’t get cold or sick. If they’re willing to work overtime to remove snow and ice, they should have the appropriate gear to assist in their hard work.

Select the Right Ice Melt Products for your Businesses Surfaces

Using salt or calcium chloride products can get ahead of ice and snow, making your work environment safe for customers and employees. Certain surfaces require using different products to get rid of ice and snow without ruining the surface. Concrete surfaces are often more durable, while wood may deteriorate if the ice melt products aren’t a calcium chloride blend. Even if you have a contract company clear your roads and driveways, it may require additional road salt. During cold, harsh weather, contractors that clear roads and walkways are often overbooked and busy. They can’t always get to some customers in a timely manner. Purchase Ice Melt products as a back up to ensure your business is a safe environment for everyone.

Buy in Bulk to Get Ahead of Bad Weather

If you’re not prepared for bad weather, it can be costly. In many cases, local suppliers and retail stores run out of stock of the tools and products used to tackle ice and snow, as well as the Ice Melt needed to tackle the slippery conditions. Worldwide Janitor allows you to purchase any Ice Melt product by the pallet. When you order a pallet, you’re ahead of the game. Store the Ice Melt products in a dry area not accessible to those that don’t know how to use the products. Even if the cold season isn’t bad, they can be used the next season as long as they’re stored properly and safely.

Ensuring your business is prepared for cold and slippery conditions can be the key to maintaining the business and keep customers coming back. It also assists in your employees’ safety. Being unprepared, even during non-business hours, drives customers away. Keep your sidewalks, driveway, roadways and other surfaces clear from snow and ice. Preparing for potential hazardous conditions makes a business more successful.

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