The Trend of Going Green

Carrying Green Cleaning SuppliesGreen cleaning has become an international trend to help protect the environment and people who have potential issues with harsh chemicals.  Other things, such as fragrances and products without a neutral pH balance can affect your respiratory system and those who have allergies. The products are generally biodegradable, non-toxic to humans and animals. They also contain no volatile organic compounds, often referred to as VOCs. VOCs are organic chemicals that can get into the air and cause potential harm at room temperature after evaporation. VOCs are often more concentrated in indoor environments.

Green products can also be used on a variety of surfaces that require aggressive cleaning agents, and do the job just as well. It’s important to look at the labels on the packaging of the product. Biodegradable means it won’t harm the environment once the product breaks down. It’s also useful if the product is stored in recyclable containers, further helping the environment.  Although there are no true industry standards or federal regulations for “green” products, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers a variety of suggestions and labeling for products that live up to their standards.

All Purpose Cleaners

A green all purpose cleaner can be used in almost any type of environment that requires cleaning on a routine basis. It’s non-flammable and non-corrosive. Green all purpose cleaners are an excellent choice for retailers and other types of environments that attract a large amount of customers and patrons. This includes hospitals, offices, educational facilities and even homes. By following the instructions on the product’s label, you’ll get the required cleaning done and make your environment safe and sanitary. Some products are premixed and ready to use on many surfaces, simply by using a spray bottle and a clean, lint-free rag. Another lint-free rag can be used with water to ensure the area is wiped clean.

Window Cleaners

Biodegradable window cleaners are not only non-toxic, but safe for all types of surfaces – not just windows. They can be used on mirrors, bathroom fixtures, chrome, porcelain, stainless steel, and countertops. These products are often premixed and don’t require diluting. Using a spray bottle, simply spray the areas you want cleaned and use a lint-free rag or paper towel to provide a shine. It can also be used for fixtures and other surfaces to provide a clean, shiny surface after cleaning them.


A variety of areas require degreasing not only to present a clean, welcoming environment, but a safe workplace. Green degreasers can do the job. Although these degreasers are non-toxic, it’s important to test them in an inconspicuous area before applying them. Dilution ratios depend on the type of degreasing job you’re doing. Places such as garages and repair shops that accumulate grease from motor oil and other substances may require more product and less water. Soiled tile and grout may also require the same. But other areas, such as office buildings and hotels may require a higher amount of water and less of the degreaser product. Refer to the instructions listed on the product to assist in how to dilute the degreaser to do the job properly.

Kitchen Cleaners

Many cleaners used in the kitchen can be aggressive. Many surfaces in the kitchen can be harmful if the proper products aren’t used or the areas aren’t cleaned correctly. To avoid potential hazards, it’s best to use one that is non-flammable and non-toxic. Worldwide Janitor’s Green kitchen cleaners offer all of these products to ensure safety and sanitation in your kitchen environment. They can be used are best suitable for cafeterias, restaurants, cafes, bars, grocery retailers, churches, schools, office buildings and homes. They don’t require any dilution, so they’re ready use as soon as you need them.

If your organization wants to “go green”, these products can prevent harming the natural environment and your work environment from harsh chemicals. Even though some consumers don’t understand the meaning of true “green” products, making an attempt to protect your indoor and outdoor environment will give them peace of mind if they’re concerned about environmental friendliness and their health. While some facilities may use green products to impress visitors, guests and employees, they may also assist in making the environment less harsh to everyone.

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