How to Prepare for New Cleaning Clients

cleaningWhen your business wins a contract for a new cleaning client, it’s critical to prepare for the tasks ahead. If they hire you, it’s generally because the previous cleaning contractor didn’t do the job correctly. Being well prepared and taking the time to tackle potentially tough cleaning jobs will assist in getting ahead of the game, saving you time and money.

Inspect the Facility

Take the time to closely inspect the facility and ask the client where the problem areas are. It may be dust, vacuuming or general cleaning, but asking the client what they’re particular about may assist in your cleaning routine. While you do an inspection, find areas that may require additional cleaning services. Keep a list of it so you know what’s ahead for you. After your inspection, you know how much time and how many staff members on your cleaning crew can help you accomplish what needs to be done.

Check Inventory, Supplies and Storage

Whether you or your client purchases cleaning supplies, it’s important to check the inventory on hand, supplies and the storage area required to store the supplies and equipment you need to do the job. In many cases, it’s best to suggest you purchase products that you like and will assist you in doing the job faster. If you supply the cleaning products and equipment, make sure you have the appropriate inventory to do the job. Organize you supply room to make things easier for you and your staff. After checking inventory, you may wish to order more supplies. Suggest Worldwide Janitor to find all of the cleaning products you need at discounted rates. Buying in bulk can also increase savings.

Ensure Equipment is Maintained or New

Whether your client supplies all the equipment or not, get ahead by cleaning any equipment, such as vacuum cleaners, dust mops, dust rags, floor machines and everything else to ensure it’s properly maintained. Things such as dust mops and rags can be easily washed with bleach, detergent and no fabric softener. Vacuum cleaners can be taken apart, cleaned and vacuum bags should be changed so they run at their top performance. If there are issues or the equipment  doesn’t work properly, purchase new equipment or suggest the client purchases new equipment if they supply it. Maintaining and refurbishing equipment on a routine basis ensures the job is done correctly.

Do a Thorough Cleaning As Soon As Possible

When starting a new contract, spend the time to do a thorough cleaning. Even if you have to hire contractors or members of your current staff, it will make the job much easier down the road. Dust, vacuum all areas, strip and wax hard floor surfaces, scrub bathrooms stalls, sinks and floors, and polish wood surfaces. The client will appreciate it and you’ll start fresh not knowing how the cleaning was done before. Sanitize areas such as bathrooms and kitchens thoroughly as soon as you start cleaning for your new client. If you plan these services ahead, the client can send an email to their employees to move items from their desks and work areas to make your job faster and easier. After dust is removed and work areas are polished, schedule a separate day to have employees lift items off the floor in their work area to do a thorough vacuuming or clean hard\  floor surfaces.

Wear Protective Gear During Your Thorough Cleaning

While protective gear can be cumbersome, it’s important that you use protective gear during your thorough cleaning. If the facility wasn’t cleaned properly prior to you receiving the contract, you don’t know what kind of contaminants you might come across while cleaning. It can be as simple as a mask and disposable gloves, but ensure you and your staff don’t come in contact with potential allergens and aggressive cleaners. Some cleaning products and facilities also require complete protective gear during the cleaning process.

Ensure Areas for the Disposal of Trash are Thoroughly Cleaned

In many cases, trash receptacles and trash cans at the client’s facility aren’t cleaned thoroughly.  Start fresh by checking trash receptacles and clean those that look like they require cleaning with a disinfectant. Allow them to dry and add a new trash bag. For large trash receptacles, ask the client if they can be washed outside or if they have a hose or faucet that can be attached to a hose. A power washer can also make the job easier.

Not only will this save you time and money, your clients will be impressed. Tackling the tough cleaning jobs right away allow you to make a consistent schedule to keep up with the facility’s required cleaning and handle other more aggressive cleaning on a routine basis. Getting ahead of the game with new cleaning clients results in much easier work down the road – and understanding the facility’s cleaning needs. Contact Worldwide Janitor for all the supplies you require.

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