How to Tackle Tough Odors

CHA_5319.jpg.image.200x83Many businesses and facilities contain odors no matter how much they’re cleaned. Each business or other environment is unique. You can’t control how the facility runs its business or where the odors come from – but you can help keep the odors at bay. You can’t clean every time there’s a bad smell, but there are products to help assist with odors that may linger. You can also control them on a routine basis. Odors can potentially drive customers and employees away from your business. Consider using products that assist in keeping odors at bay or eliminating them.

These products shouldn’t be used to mask cleaning and sanitizing, but to assist in making a fresher, cleaner-smelling environment in all areas of a business. Cleaning and sanitizing is always important.


Odors in bathrooms are expected. Bathrooms require an aggressive cleaning and sanitizing almost every time they’re cleaned, but odors can’t be controlled at all times. Aggressive bowl cleaners and other products that remove odors, mildew and hard water stains can help in odor control. Because bathrooms can’t be cleaned all the time, suggest installing a metered dispenser, which releases a fresh scent and deodorant in intervals. Many dispensers can cover over 6,000 cubic feet. You can select how often the scent is released based on how often bathrooms are used during business and non-business hours. It can also be adjusted to assist in odor control when you can’t clean.


Although industrial and commercial kitchens are often cleaned thoroughly to adhere to industry standards, the drains in the sinks, dishwashers and other appliances can create leftover odors. If a drain isn’t properly maintained, food, grease and other organic waste products can create odors that make your kitchen seem as if it’s not clean and sanitized. Even standard kitchens in offices can lead to bad smells because of carelessness by employees and customers who don’t understand the how to control odors. Products, such as Enzomatic Odor Eliminator, can help keep those odors at bay. Along with cleaning the kitchen thoroughly, cleaning all the drains on a routine basis will assist in eliminating odors. Also consider degreasing drains to ensure they don’t become clogged with grease and other particles. When grease and other substances adhere to the drains, it can create even more unpleasant smells and even ruin a draining system.

Common Areas

Real estate law refers to common areas as areas available for use by all tenants and their invitees – which can create unpleasant odors. Whether it is a dining area, lounge, reception area or residence hall, they can attract odors, even if they’re cleaned frequently. Those areas often result in spills and other messes on occasion. These types of areas are often used for functions, events and other activities to bring groups together. That often leads to creating many odors, spills and other issues related to cleaning those areas. To tackle an odor, spill or other foul mess that wasn’t expected, absorbent granules can tackle those odors and unexpected messes. Find the odor, then use the on it. The granules will quickly absorb the stain or odor. Once the odor is absorbed, simply vacuum or sweep the area after the granules dry. Use a caution sign while the granules are working, but it won’t take long for the granules to work. The caution sign allows customers, visitors and tenants to know work is being done in the area.

Offices, Hallways and Other Areas

Even a vacuum used to clean areas can make smells linger in offices and hallways. A trash container can create foul smells if food is thrown away or something else is thrown in them. Along with maintaining a vacuum, other cleaning tools and depositories used in those areas create odors. Spray deodorizers work well in these types of areas while you’re cleaning. Some spray deodorizers can be used without a metered dispenser, so you can tackle random odors that make an office or hallway unpleasant. Also use these types of products to spray trash cans if they have bad odors from food and other things thrown in the trash can.

Selecting a Scent to Tackle Odors

While businesses want to keep odors at bay, employees, customers and other visitors are often particular about what scent is used to tackle odors. Select a scent or try different scents to ensure they please everyone – or as many people as possible. A variety of scents in deodorants are available. Changing scents during different seasons or changing them randomly may assist in pleasing almost everyone. There are scents related to the change of season or specific holidays. Receive feedback from employees, customers and visitors about the type of deodorizers you’re using. Using deodorizers and other products to keep odors at bay are better than letting foul odors linger, no matter what type of odor it is.

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  1. Alex Trodder says:

    Odors can be especially bad for businesses and offices. I didn’t know that there were so many options for janitorial services to help deal with tough odors. That’s really cool that there are odor absorbing granules that can be used on carpets in common areas. I’ll have to see if those are available for residential homes when I decide to start my family and have kids. Thanks for the post.

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