How to Select a Cleaning Service for Your Business

Cleaning Carpet StainsThe cleaning business is a tough industry. Because of the competition and franchises, many businesses often select a cleaning service that offers the lowest price. Contracts are written with basic cleaning services, but it doesn’t mean all of the services are getting done. Selecting the right cleaning service and understanding how they operate can assist in making sure your facility is clean and sanitized. Not cleaning or sanitizing properly can lead to potential repercussions.

Low Price Equals Under-Average Services

Many cleaning businesses, especially franchises, offer a very low price because of the competition in the business. In reality, it doesn’t add up, because the cleaning business is making less than minimum wage to do the work. That often results in bad service, because they can’t perform all of the services required to do the job properly. Whether your facility is small or large, consider the amount of time the cleaning service provider needs to clean the facility, as well as the cost of the products they use.

If the cleaning service provider is making pennies on the dollar, it doesn’t allow them to be profitable or provide the services required to meet your expectations. The lowest bid for cleaning services may save your business money, but won’t get the job done properly. It also results in a high turnover rate of cleaning services providers, which results in your business spending time finding another cleaning company to do the work.

Consider Your Facility that Requires Cleaning

While some facilities require a basic cleaning on a routine basis, some facilities require more aggressive cleaning to ensure it’s cleaned and sanitized properly. Some cleaning services can provide all  of the cleaning services, while others cannot. Even if you have to pay more, it may be to your advantage to use the same cleaning service provider for all of your needs.

After they know how your facility operates and functions on a daily basis, they can provide the best advice for other required cleaning tasks. They can also suggest other good service providers if they’re not equipped to do the job themselves. Like your business, they work together with other providers to improve their quality of services.

The Best Products Assist in the Best Cleaning Services

Every type of office or facility requires different types of cleaning products. While some require more aggressive products, others require organic or less aggressive products. It’s important to find the right products for the job. If you purchase the cleaning products, allow your cleaning service provider to make suggestions regarding the products they’d like to use to do the job well.

Worldwide Janitor has a variety of products for different needs for every facility and their cleaning services. New quality products are added every month to ensure you can select all the products and tools you need.

Good and Bad Reviews

Because of the Internet, some businesses pay people and websites to rank their services and reviews to attract customers. While many reviews are truthful, don’t rely only on those reviews. Before selecting a cleaning service, ask for references you can contact. Cleaning service providers should have a list of references with a phone number to provide feedback about their services, similar to that of a reference when applying for a job. Like any other business, a current client will be happy to provide a reference about the cleaning business you might select if they’re doing a good job.

Also consider the Better Business Bureau in your area to see if the cleaning service provider has any bad reviews and how they handled any situation that might have been in question. Worldwide Janitor provides a list of cleaning service providers that can assist in your facility’s cleaning needs.

Like your business wants to make employees and customers happy, your cleaning service provider wants to do the same for you. Consider everything from products, the time it takes to do the services and the services they’re providing to make a decision on selecting a cleaning service provider.

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