How to Keep Dust Under Control

Woman with mop cleaning wooden floor from dust

Woman with mop cleaning wooden floor from dust

Every facility and home have areas that create a lot of dust. That leads to additional cleaning and extra time to keep the dust at bay. Dust often accumulates under heat and air conditioning vents and on other types of temperature-controlled units. That leads to accumulating dust on certain surfaces. There are several ways to keep the dust to a minimum. Maintaining certain equipment and using products to help control dust will allow you to keep your dust under control, no matter how often you clean.

Heating, Cooling and Ventilation
All businesses and homes have some sort of heating, cooling and ventilation. If they’re not properly maintained, it leads to dust being distributed by the system. Ensure the system is properly cleaned and maintained to avoid additional dust. In many cases, it’s as simple as changing a filter on the HVAC system or bi-yearly maintenance by a professional. The cost of having someone maintain the system out-ways the dust that accumulates in vents or air ducts.
Not only do dirty HVAC systems create dust, they’re a source of sickness in a home or facility, because they do spread bacteria and germs if they’re not properly maintained. When employees get sick, they have to take a day off and bring down the profitability of a business. It also leads to other employees getting sick, because the germs can spread. You can’t control every virus or germ that may be in the HVAC system, but you can clean them properly to help keep dust and potential sickness at bay.

Vacuuming and Dust Mopping

Because of the ventilation system moving around dust particles, vacuuming carpeted areas and dust mopping non-carpeted areas are critical to keep ahead of dust, especially when seasons change. Something as simple as replacing a vacuum cleaner bag or washing a dust mop or duster can assist in staying ahead of potential dust issues.

Ensure the equipment to clean those areas are refurbished on a routine basis, similar to that of maintenance on your heating and cooling system. Use the equipment to tackle dust and stay ahead of it. Consider cleaning equipment during seasonal changes to ensure they’re prepared to tackle the amount of dust that can accumulate.


Taking the time to polish wood surfaces helps assist in getting rid of dust. It also helps to keep any facility or home look welcoming. Almost all facilities, homes and offices have wood surfaces. Using a furnisher polish on those surfaces will assist in controlling dust and providing a clean appearance for guests and customers. While some facilities and home owners like a high-gloss shine for their wood surfaces, others don’t. Select a polish that meets the preferences of everyone.

Polishing doesn’t have to be done during every cleaning task, but setting a routine schedule to polish, such as season changes, assists in controlling dust. Set a routine for polishing to avoid extra dust during times when facilities or home turns off the air and turn on the heat.


Because dust and ventilation units can spread germs, consider cleaning more aggressively with disinfectants, especially during flu season. Not only do disinfectants help control dust, they kill the germs that spread from ventilation systems. A routine cleaning with more aggressive disinfectants can assist in keeping the germs away. Even some disinfectants, such as standard bleach, dissipates and if used properly, won’t harm anyone but will kill germs and bacteria. Schedule an aggressive cleaning with disinfectants when you’re sure the facility or home is unoccupied.

Protective Gear

Because dust can spread other particles and bacteria, it’s important to wear protective gear while dusting, such as a mask and gloves. This assists in the safety of you and your employees from germs, bacteria and viruses. Whether it’s a routine cleaning or an aggressive cleaning to tackle dust, a mask or gloves help keep any potential health hazards under control. Always train and purchase protective gear for employees that do the cleaning to protect themselves, to avoid potential consequences.

Implement Simple Etiquette Rules

You may also implement simple techniques that do not involve the use of machinery; this especially applies during popular holidays, as close family, friends and coworkers inadvertently bring in additional dust and particles into your home or facility. To help keep the dust and debris to a minimum, place doormats outside every room that leads inside your facility and clean or replace them frequently.

Tackling dust, especially when seasons change and require different types of air circulation, can assist in making cleaning easier and more sanitary. Proper equipment maintenance and more aggressive cleaning on a routine basis also helps keep the dust at bay. While the cost of proper maintenance of HVAC systems and equipment seem to be an expense, it assists in the cleaning process in the long run and cuts overall costs.

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