Buying Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Products

Cleaning kitchen countertopFinding the perfect cleaning products for your clients is important. Each client has different needs and require different cleaning products. You also have to consider your clients’ preferences regarding how their facility is cleaned. This can include a variety of cleaning products – whether they are “green”, aggressive or conventional products even used for household cleaning.

Green vs. Standard Products

While many companies are going “green”, there are no governing authorities that oversee cleaning products considered to be “green”. The EPA has a program, referred to the EPP or Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program, but products are not tested or approved. It simply provides standards for manufacturers and allows consumers to learn more about what products can be “green” based on a variety of factors. If a client wants to use only “green” or “organic” products, suggest that they consider that those products are not technically approved by any federal agency. Know the facts by visiting websites such as the EPA before purchasing products that advertise they’re “green” or “organic”. Worldwide Janitor offers a complete line of organic cleaning products that are biodegradable.

Some standard products that have been on the market for many years are derived naturally, but the manufacturing or disposal of them can suggest the product isn’t “green”. Other products generally don’t cause toxic exposures, ozone depletion, pollution or climate change – at least not for a long period of time. Because of many bonding and insurance standards, your cleaning procedures and products are required to kill bacteria and potentially deadly viruses, such as HIV. Many business certifications show they’re technically a “green” business, but have no accountability for cleaning products. Because your clients may not fully understand green products, talk to them about standard cleaning products and what “green” really means. They may consider standard cleaning products.

Aggressive vs. Conventional Products

Some facilities may require more aggressive cleaning products, such as industrial cleaners, to ensure the cleaning is done properly or adheres to standards written by governing agencies. To protect yourself and your employees, suggest products you’re knowledgeable about and the requirements to use them. Understand the MSDS sheets for the products before using them. Some products may require protective gear and others may not.

Some conventional cleaning products can do the job just as well and adhere to guidelines administered by oversight agencies. In some cases, aggressive cleaners can ruin surfaces over time. Aggressive cleaning products can be used on a routine basis, rather than for every scheduled cleaning. Keep in mind your clients aren’t the experts – you understand products and services that could potentially harm their work environment. Some clients, such as critical care and pharmaceutical clients, have to know what products are required to clean certain areas. Other clients may not fully understand what the best products are to clean their facilities.

Clients That Provide Cleaning Products

When clients provide cleaning products for your business, discuss the products they select and the distributor they use. They often try to find products at discount prices that can make the cleaning process longer or tougher. Suggest products or distributors, like Worldwide Janitor to make your job easier. If the client deals with a specific distributor for cleaning products, offer to order the products for them without additional charges and a way to save them money. Purchasing products you are comfortable with and will save you time are worth the small amount of time it takes placing the order.

Worldwide Janitor can assist in researching the proper products required to clean their facilities and placing your orders. When your clients see the savings, they’ll understand it’s worth it. You need the right cleaning products to do the job properly and efficiently, which in turn will save you and your clients time and money.

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