How to Properly Clean a Bathroom

BathroomYou may think that there is no right way to clean a bathroom. You may think that it all depends on the size and shape of the space. You may even think that you have cleaned enough bathrooms to know exactly how it should be done.
No matter which if these cynics you happen to be, I bet you will find at least something in this article that is useful the next time you are cleaning a bathroom. Whether your bathroom is a public bathroom or a residential one, cleaning a bathroom doesn’t have to be a job that requires tons of heavy scrubbing, doubling back, or doubting whether or not your cleaning method fully disinfected. The following steps will help your bathroom become sparkling clean no matter what size or shape your space is.

Let’s get started!

Step 1 – Let your chemicals do the work for you.

Many times, we take the “one spot at a time” approach: we pick a spot in the bathroom, such as the toilet, and cover it with the chemicals we need. Then we scrub away, rinse, and move on to the next spot.

It’s a much better technique to spray down all the surfaces in your bathroom with a disinfectant and/or your favorite cleaning products. Let the product sit, soften hard-to-remove grime, and do its job disinfecting the surface. You may even want to spray down your bathroom well before getting started so they are ready for you when you’re ready to start cleaning.

Some products that might help with this step include:

Step 2 – Focus on one aspect of cleaning at a time.

Rather than focusing on one area at a time, focus on one step in the cleaning process at a time. First, soak your countertops, bathtub, toilet, shower, and mirrors with your disinfectant or preferred cleaning product. Then, before you get to scrubbing, do two things:

  1. Tidy up anything that is messy or unorganized. This gives your chemicals a chance to soak in a little bit while you do the easy (well, easier) job of throwing away old toothpaste tubes, taking out the trash and replacing the liner, throwing away trash left on the sink counter, and pulling hair and other gunk out of the drains.
  2. Dust. If you have any spaces at all in your bathroom that gather dust, make sure to dust before finishing up the rest of your cleaning job. All the dust will fall to the sink and the floor, where it can get swept up when you wipe.

Step 3 – Work clockwise from the sink.

Melissa Maker from Clean My Space is a pro at cleaning. She suggests working in a clockwise motion always starting and ending at the same spot: the sink. You will use that as your reference point so that you always know where you started. Plus, your sink will be involved in multiple different steps of the bathroom cleaning project. While you might be tempted to start by cleaning the sink because it is likely crawling with soap scum, hairballs, hairspray remnants, and the like, you should always leave the sink for last. You’ll be rinsing all your dirty rags and brushes in the sink throughout the process. By the time you’re done cleaning the bathroom and the sink has been scrubbed, the whole room will be sparkling clean.

Step 4 – Remove any shower curtains and throw them in the wash.

Shower curtains are home to lots of mildew, bacteria, and odors, even if it’s not readily noticeable. Get rid of all of that by throwing both your cloth shower curtain and your plastic in the washer along with a few dirty towels. The towels will act as a buffer between the plastic and the washer, plus they will help remove some of that soap scum.

Step 5 – Time to scrub.

We’ve put it off long enough: it’s time to get to scrubbing. Have your sponges, brushes, and microfiber cloths ready, but don’t worry. This will likely be easier than you think since you’ve been soaking your whole bathroom in disinfectant. Have enough scrubbers on hand that you don’t have to use dirty ones on new surfaces. If you’re using a sponge or a brush, be sure to rinse it effectively before using it again on the surface.

Step 6 – Last but not least, clean the floors and the sink.

Now that you’re done cleaning your toilet, shower, and all of those hard-to-reach spots, it’s time to clean the floor. Don’t forget to start in the far corner and grab all of the items you need out of the bathroom beforehand so that you don’t have to step on the floor again!

Your new cleaning routine not only makes cleaning easier by letting chemicals do the work for you, but you’re less likely to miss a spot. You’ll cover your whole bathroom with less time and effort.



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  1. Sandra Sanchez says:

    Loved this… I looked up several other bathroom suggestions.. this one by far is my favorite.. I think the ONLY thing I might do differently is wash my shower curtains first.. but that’s for timing reasons.. otherwise this is perfect ??.. thank you ?

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