4 Reasons to Properly Dispose of Pet Waste in Your Facility

dog petIf you are in charge of a facility that has an outdoor space, you may be responsible for making sure that pet waste is properly disposed of. Here at Worldwide Janitor, we sell the supplies that you need to help pet owners clean up after their pets, keeping your facility in the best shape possible.
It’s important that pet waste is cleaned up so that it is not a nuisance to your staff or guests. But there are lots of other reasons why it’s vitally necessary to provide your animal-loving guests with the supplies they need to clean up after their pet.

Reason 1: Water Pollution

Many people don’t realize that pet waste actually contributes to water pollution. This is because when bodies of water break down the organic matter in feces, it uses up oxygen in the water and releases ammonia into the air. The resulting chemical imbalance can harm the wildlife that relies on the water. Even in urban areas, rainwater washes into rivers and streams causing damage.

Reason 2: It affects human health.

Another little-known reason to help facilitate pet cleanup is that pet waste not disposed of properly can cause diseases in humans. One way in which this is possible is through the contamination of bodies of water, as discussed above. Additionally, the CDC confirms that pet waste is a significant contributor to human cases of parasites each year, including hookworms, ringworms, tapeworms, and salmonella. The CDC cites pet cleanup as one of the main ways that people can reduce this risk.

Reason 3: Prevent stool eating

If you are a pet owner, especially if you’re a dog owner, it’s no surprise to you that dogs sometimes have a tendency toward ingesting their own stools. It’s not a pleasant sight, but it also poses a health risk for our furry friends. By encouraging patrons to clean up after their pets, you eliminate this behavior.

Reason 4: It damages your lawn

If you are also in charge of maintaining the grounds of your outdoor facility, you have even more reasons to ensure that pet waste is properly disposed of: not doing so can cause bare and brown spots on your lawn. It’s a common misconception that dog waste is a good lawn fertilizer. In fact, it’s the opposite. Not cleaning up after pets, and not encouraging patrons to do so, will deteriorate your lawn or park.

Pet Owner Responsibility

Fortunately, the proper disposal of pet waste both at home and in public places has become more and more common. Increasingly, people not only appreciate the resources that allow them to clean up after their pet, but they expect them to be available. Many public areas have taken to posting signs that remind pet owners to clean up after their pets, but most pet owners are happy to do this on their own.

If you are having trouble getting pet owners to clean up after their pets, consider investing in a pet waste station. They are both easy to install and simple to maintain. Additionally, they will greatly help the environment, contribute to both human and pet health, and improve the appearance of your lawn or park.

Using Pet Waste Bags

When using pet waste bags or helping your patrons use them, there are two main factors in effective pet cleanup: the correct size bag and the proper bagging technique.

When choosing a bag size, always choose a larger bag to ensure that you are accommodating as many pets as possible. To properly bag pet waste, follow these steps:

  1. Pull the plastic bag over your hand like a glove. Your hand should be covered with the bag.
  2. Before proceeding, be sure that the bag does not have any holes.
  3. Pick up the poop with the bagged hand.
  4. Using your free hand, take the open end of the bag and tie the bag in a knot securely.

Since the method requires that pet owners grasp the waste with their bag and hand, you can see how important it is to use quality pet waste bags.

Pet Waste Disposal in Your Facility

Most facilities simply urge guests to dispose of their bagged pet waste in a normal trashcan that is posted near the pet waste disposal station. However, some facilities opt to use a separate trashcan for pet waste with an indication of its use on the outside of the waste container. Some facilities prefer to take this one step further with a high-tech waste disposal station. This system works by liquefying the dog waste and storing waste safely underground.

Having our pets join us at the dog park, public fairs, apartment grounds, or on a trip to the playground doesn’t have to be harmful to other living creatures or the environment. With a Worldwide Janitor waste disposal system, we can enjoy outdoor time with our pets and keep our outdoor spaces beautiful too.

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