How to Handle Pet Waste at Your Facility

dog-waste-stationLast week, we talked about all the reasons why it is important to properly dispose of pet waste at your facility. Besides cleaning up annoying messes, it will keep your facility clean, and even keep both pets and humans alike from being exposed to the health risks that pet feces poses to the public. Forty-four percent of pet owners do not clean up after their dogs. Your facility can encourage these pet owners to pick up after their pets, making your facility cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable for all guests.

Advantage to Providing Pet Waste Stations

People are far more likely to comply with posted notices to clean up after their pets if they notice that the facility is providing help to do so. This is why providing pet waste stations is one of the best ways to help clean up your facility. It also gives the impression that someone is monitoring the area to ensure compliance with facility policies. Additionally, pet waste stations encourage the idea of community, which is especially helpful in communal areas such as parks or apartment grounds.

Choosing a Pet Waste Solution

When you decide to invest in a pet waste station, you have a couple of choices. The first is to hire a dog waste removal service. These companies remove this responsibility from your staff by taking care of your pet waste solutions themselves. They will install and maintain the station, as well as remove all waste. This might be a good options for facilities with a small janitorial staff.

Another option is to install and maintain a pet waste solution yourself. If you have adequate staff to do so, this option gives you the control to set up and maintain your station in the best way possible for your space.

Setting Up a Pet Waste Station

When setting up your pet waste station, be sure to place it near your trash cans. Many property managers find it preferable, however, to use separate trash cans for pet waste than for other trash. This is because if you use degradable bags like the options we have at Worldwide Janitor, the trash will be routed to its appropriate place along with other biodegradable trash.

If you can, choose an aluminum trash can over a poly-plastic one. Most facility managers find that aluminum trash cans are sturdier and last longer than plastic trash cans, which can sometimes crack and fade.

Finally, choose a pet waste station that clearly states its purpose, such as the Crown Regal Poopy Pouch Dispenser. Otherwise, consider installing a sign to remind your guests to pick up after their pets.

Pet Waste Solutions from Worldwide Janitor

As many facility managers well understand, many pets can produce an enormous amount of waste. According to the Flush Doggie Poop Calculator, a 75-pound dog will generate as much as 500 pounds of waste during a year. Picking up doggie waste an average of 3 times a day would yield 1000 bags in landfills per year.

At Worldwide Janitor, we understand the challenges that outdoor facility managers face to eradicate pet waste while also seeking not to contribute any more than necessary to non-biodegradable waste in landfills. That’s why we offer a number of solutions. One of these options is bound to be a perfect fit for your space. Plus, our solutions are always affordable no matter what your facility’s budget.

Poopy Pouch Doggy Poo Disposal Bags

One of our most popular disposal bag options, these bags have a lot of attractive features: they are 100% degradable, have convenient tie handles to keep odors out, and they are lemon scented. They come in packs of 50 bags that are resealable, and there are 50 packs per case.

Crown Imperial Pet Waste Station

The Crown Imperial Pet Waste Station is our number one best seller. The locking galvanized powder-coated steel dispenser resists rust from weather and the locking feature will prevent bag waste. The 10-gallon waste receptacle with lid will provide a clear and separate trash can for pet waste. The 8-foot post carries a sign that says, “Clean Up After Your Pet.” Finally, it includes 2 rolls of 400 lemon scented tie-handle bags so that you have everything you need to get started quickly and easily with your pet waste station.

Poopy Pouch 13-Gallon Trash Liners

These 100% degradable and unscented trash liners allow you to dispose of your pet waste in an eco-friendly way, separately from your other trash. Another surprising benefit of disposing of animal waste separately from other trash is the ability to monitor pet waste disposal compliance. These trash liners are specifically made for pet waste disposal.

Deciding to begin using a pet waste station at your property is not an easy decision as it adds another layer of responsibility for your staff and personnel. However the benefits of health, convenience, and community are all common reasons why thousands of outdoor spaces across the country are now making the choice to install a pet disposal station. As communities become more and more aware of the advantages, we believe this practice will become the standard. Create a better experience for your property visitors and staff by installing a pet waste station by Worldwide Janitor.

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