5 Products for Toilet Bowl Cleaning (and the Pros and Cons of Each)

handi-Toilet-bowl-cleanerWhen it comes to bathroom cleaning products for your home, office, school, or other facility, there are few things more important than your toilet bowl cleaner. For the health and comfort of those using your facility, it’s essential that your toilets are not only clean, but deodorized and sanitized. While there are plenty of products out there, the trick is finding the perfect one for your needs.
Worldwide Janitor offers a variety of different toilet bowl cleaners, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. Below are 5 of our top-selling toilet bowl products, along with their pros, cons, and bulk unit prices for easy comparison. (The bulk unit price for each product is calculated based on the highest quantity of that product available for purchase on WorldwideJanitor.com). Use this guide to find the perfect product for your bathroom cleaning needs.

1. Cherry Bowl Cleaner

This classic cleaner is a great choice for homes or offices for two main reasons. First, it has a pleasant scent that keeps bathrooms smelling fresh. Second, it is a multi-purpose solution that can be used not only on toilet bowls, but on sinks, urinals, bathtubs, and showers.

Cherry Bowl Cleaner contains 8% hydrochloric acid, which is a powerful cleaning agent that must be handled with personal protective equipment. It packs a lot of power without creating hazardous fumes or a lingering undesirable chemical scent.

Bulk unit price: $1.75/lb.


  • Pleasant smell
  • Multi-purpose
  • Mild but effective
  • Perfect for everyday use


  • Powerful, but not super-duty

2. Handi-Flush Toilet Bowl Crystals

This unique product is best for getting rid of hard water and rust stains on porcelain bathroom fixtures without having to scrub. After pouring the crystals into the toilet bowl, they create a blue foam that removes stains, prevents odors, and sanitizes.

One important thing to remember about Handi-Flush Crystals is that the product CANNOT be used on enameled or metal fixtures because it could damage surfaces. Because of this, Handi-Flush cannot be used on bathtubs and sinks and is best for use only on toilets and urinals.

Bulk unit price: $2.72/lb.


  • Ideal for dissolving stubborn hard water and rust stains
  • Cleans difficult areas without scrubbing
  • Can be purchased in 3-lb. quantities, making it easy to try before purchasing in bulk


  • Cannot be used on enameled or metal fixtures, such as bathtubs or sinks
  • A little more expensive than other options

3. Powerguard Bowl Cleaner

As its name suggests, Powerguard Bowl Cleaner is the best choice for tough stains. For example, if you’ve acquired a facility that was not cleaned regularly and now has stains as a result, this strong product is your best chance to restore those fixtures instead of having to purchase new ones.

However, this 26% hydrochloric acid cleaner is stronger than necessary for most regularly-cleaned facilities. It also produces strong chemical fumes when used, and it could be seen as a liability to some employers because of the occupational hazard it poses. However, it is safe to use if handled with personal protective equipment.

Bulk unit price: $1.62/lb.


  • The perfect product for tough stains or facilities which have not been cleaned for long periods of time
  • Competitive price and good value


  • Strong chemical fumes

4. Non-Acid Bathroom Cleaner

Non-Acid Bathroom Cleaner allows you to kill germs such as Streptococcus and Salmonella, as well as viruses like Influenza A, Herpes Simplex II, and HIV, all without the use of acid. This cleaner is a product of the Snee Chemical Company, which is one of the oldest and most reputable manufacturers of janitorial and industrial products. Worldwide Janitor is one of the only places online to buy Snee products. In addition, at $1.08/lb., it is a great value, and can be used in kitchens on non-food contact surfaces.

The major downside to this product is that it is EPA-registered for sale only in Mississippi and Louisiana, so it is not available for other locations within or outside of the United States.

Bulk unit price: $1.08/lb.


  • Acid free
  • Snee Chemical Company product
  • Can be used in kitchens, too
  • Good value


  • Only available for use in Mississippi and Louisiana

5. Super Sana Blue

Super Sana Blue, widely used for cleaning toilets and portable toilets, is a good choice for public facilities of all sorts, including schools, churches, homes, and offices. It has a pleasant fragrance, leaving your room deodorized and smelling fresh.

Bulk unit price: $2.07/lb.


  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Great for use in portable toilets


  • Because it is sold in tubs, it requires storage space and dispensing into smaller containers

For a quick comparison of the important features of these products, use the chart below.

Ready-to-UseHydro-chloric AcidPleasant FragranceAvailable WorldwideMulti-Purpose
Cherry Bowl Cleanerxxxxx
Super Sana Bluexxx


With a variety of effective and affordable cleaning products, Worldwide Janitor has a toilet bowl cleaner that suits the needs of your space, whatever it may be.

Want to purchase your new toilet bowl cleaner today? Start shopping!

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