Does Your Facility Need an Odor Makeover?

dreamstime_xs_23937886Bad smells can originate from many places in a building and are a common problem for many organizations. Every industry and every type of organization—hospitals, hotels, spas, restaurants, gyms, nursing homes, schools, churches, and more—deals with this issue.

When not dealt with properly, bad smells can leave a poor impression of your organization with those visiting and can lead to a loss of revenue as a result.

Removing or preventing odors is often not complicated. It is a matter of considering what products work best for your situation and area of your building and either preventing, removing, or neutralizing the odor.

1. Kitchen

Kitchens are an area in an organization that will probably have a bad odor at one time or another. These rooms are plagued by the smells associated with raw food and cooked food, and certain types of each can be quite pungent. Those smells can mingle, mix, and come up with even harsher smells. Because of this, kitchens need a strong deodorizer.

A great product for kitchen-based smells is an enzyme-based odor neutralizer like our Enzomatic Odor Eliminator.  These products remove the source of the odor. They break down the biological particles that cause problem odors in drains. As well as being helpful for kitchens, these enzyme-based cleaners also work well for stubborn pet waste-related stains and smells in carpeting and furniture.

2. Garbage Area

If not properly treated, these areas can smell terrible. Because they are the mixing of the smells of anything an organization may throw away, they are a cacophony of odor.

Using products like Vanilla Bean Deodorizer that deal with airborne odors as well as surface odors cuts down on the smells immensely. They also allow you to save time as you are addressing your problem in two ways at the same time.

Depending on your type of organization and what kind of trash you have, you may have concerns about germs when dealing with trash areas. When germs are a concern, use products like Pure Lemon Odor 10 that you can spray with a spray bottle or use to mop areas or a spray like Spray Disinfectant/Deodorant Cleaner that is prepackaged and ready to spray and go.  These will kill any bacteria or virus and help keep you, your staff, and your visitors safe.

3. Bathrooms and Locker Rooms

Bathrooms and locker rooms are often the areas of an organization that get the most use. Because of this, they are one of the areas that your organization is able to use to really make an impression. They are also areas that can become very smelly. These rooms are at their best when you use products that prevent smells from becoming problematic.

There are a few products that are very helpful for bathroom and locker room odors. For toilets and urinals, deodorants like the Cherry Deodorant Superblock or the Cherry Hang-on Bowl Deodorant are very helpful. They work by releasing a bit of cherry scent for each flush, keeping any potential odors masked before they become nuisances.

You may also find that products like Drip Deodorant Dispensers or Metered Dispensers are helpful for bathroom or locker room odors. They work by releasing a deodorant in particular intervals, preventing odors. These types of deodorants can be great time savers for you and your organization because they don’t require replacement, only refills of liquid or cans of deodorant. As a result, their maintenance can be a quick and easy part of your cleaning routine.

You can also combat odors in bathrooms and locker rooms by using products that both sanitize and deodorize. Using these products on countertops and floors in these locations can be very helpful since there is so much traffic through these areas. And since you are doing two things at once, you are making your cleaning staff that much more efficient.

4. Vehicle

Just as you wash the outside of your vehicles to help keep the appearance a positive one for your clients and future clients, you should keep the inside just as tidy, this includes odors.

Company vehicles can be an employee’s office and break room. They can accumulate a mixture of food, body, or product-related smells that need to be combated. You may find that a quick spray of a deodorizing product makes your company vehicles seem more professional to your clients

Need Help?

This list is definitely not all inclusive. There are more areas in your organization that can benefit from professional strength deodorizing, and every industry has its own needs. But with the wide variety of products available on Worldwide Janitor, there is sure to be a product that will work for you and your industry. Check out our full selection of products to help you combat your odors here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Send us an email and we’ll be happy to help you figure out what you need for your organization!

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