How to Clean Ceilings to Perfection

Clean CeilingsIt’s pretty simple to look around many businesses and see what needs to be cleaned or decluttered. However, when was the last time you looked up?
Ceilings need to be cleaned and maintained just as floors, walls and other surfaces in the buildings do. Just because customers aren’t likely to inspect the ceiling doesn’t mean it should be ignored.
By giving special attention to the ceiling, you’ll not only ensure that the business is as clean as it can possibly be, but also have the opportunity to examine it for potential challenges that can directly impact operations.
Ceilings, for example, can indicate a problem with a water leak if you find a spot of mold while cleaning. You’ll also be able to see if you have a serious insect problem as bugs and spiders often prefer hiding out in the corners of warm buildings.

Here are some simple ways for business owners to keep their ceilings clean and ready for business:

Start slowly. Because cleaning the ceiling can be a more dangerous proposition than wiping down a wall or waxing a floor, try the least invasive methods first. If spider webs are your main issue, for example, take a dusting tool all around the edges to remove them.

If climbing to the top is a necessity, take the extra time to make sure your staff will be safe. Provide sturdy ladders and safety waistbands to keep them secure and grounded and other pieces of safety equipment as necessary. Since much of the dust and debris on the ceiling is going to come flying down in their direction, outfit employees with personal protective equipment such as safety goggles.

For this reason you’ll also want to cover food service areas, flooring or merchandise below. Drop cloths are perfect for protecting a large section of the business at one time.

Tell grease to take a hike. Some of the stuff has probably been clinging to the ceiling for months and months. Depending on the nature of your business, you might be surprised to find what substances actually made it up there. Smoke, splatters and grease are all popular culprits that won’t be easy to be rid of. Even if your business isn’t food-based, smoke can drift up from candles, fireplaces or unauthorized cigarette smoking.

Since you don’t want to set aside additional time to clean the ceiling, you’ll want to get it right the first try. Make sure that happens by bringing in a powerful degreaser and other necessary equipment, like a steam cleaner. Degreasers remove heavy build-up of grease, oil and other stubborn deposits.

Take a look around. While you’re up there, examine the space for other fix-ups. Dust ceiling fans, for example, or change vent screens, test smoke detectors or inspect for peeling paint or leaks.

Call in the professionals. Some jobs are simply too dangerous for staff members to take on. If you’re not comfortable with them climbing up great heights, consider calling in a professional cleaning crew. They have the equipment and know-how necessary to tackle the work with minimal time and effort.

Give it a fresh coat of paint. Let’s face it, ceilings are difficult to clean. This is the case not only because of the substances that tend to linger up there for long periods of time, but also because they are challenging to reach. Even once janitorial staff members are able to touch the surface, the cleaning process can be awkward depending on the type of ceiling in the business and its proximity to the floor.

If the ceiling is simply too much effort to clean or there are special circumstances, such as a stucco paint job, consider giving the ceiling a fresh coat of paint instead. Sometimes it is well worth the time spent.

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