How to Clean Electronics

Business People Working with TechnologyToday’s electronics provide us access to the world 24 hours a day. They’ve become a critical part of our day-to-day lives – personally and professionally. In many cases, manufacturers suggest specific products to clean electronics so you don’t ruin them. Some of those products can be costly. There are other products and solutions to clean electronics safely without breaking you or your organization’s wallet.

Before you start cleaning electronics, always turn off the power supply and unplug them.

Sometimes it’s Best to Leave it to the Experts

Cleaning electronics can be tricky at best. It’s important to read the manufacturer’s instructions for any products you purchase. Improper care could potentially ruin the electronic equipment. The instructions aren’t rocket science – and cleaning the outside of electronic equipment can be easily accomplished. Sometimes the inside of electronic equipment can become just as dirty as the outside.

Whether it be for your home or cleaning client, consider cleaning the equipment carefully. A cleaning client may ask you to clean electronics such as phones, computers, television screens and projectors. Consider it carefully before saying ‘yes’. Inspect the equipment to see how much work it may require. You may even wish to have the client sign an agreement that you are not responsible if the electronic equipment is damaged in some way during the cleaning process. Careful inspection of the equipment may show liquid damage, extensive wear and tear, and other issues that may require the skills of a technical expert.

If after careful consideration you feel comfortable taking on the task of cleaning the electronics, consider cheaper products that work just as well as many expensive retail products made specifically for electronics.

Microfiber Cloths are Worth Every Penny for Electronics

Microfiber cloths and microfiber mop heads are useful for almost any cleaning job, but for electronics, they’re probably the best and only solution. Microfiber is a synthetic fiber much finer than other types of fabrics used to clean. Not only can it be used safely to clean electronics such as LCD, plasma and computer screens, it can leave a streak-free finish without scratching the surface. It can also be used for general cleaning.

Although you can use microfiber cloths for general cleaning, separate general cleaning microfiber cloths from microfiber cloths used to clean electronics. General cleaning often includes picking up a variety of particles that can scratch a sensitive surface such as an LCD screen. Microfiber cloths are often available in different colors, so purchase separate colors to ensure they’re separated during cleaning tasks. Because microfiber is the latest and greatest cleaning tool, ensure you purchase high quality microfiber cloths. There are many microfiber cloths available at a fraction of the cost that aren’t high-quality and not work as well.

Cheaper Solutions to Clean Electronics

You can avoid purchasing expensive supplies and tools used to clean electronics. Electronic dusters or ‘canned air’, are specifically made for electronics. They can be extremely expensive. If you’re purchasing a minimal amount of the products, you may wish to invest in them. When cleaning a number of electronics, such as those used in a large corporate office, your costs will out way the benefits. There are several ways to replace the expensive gadgets and products used to clean electronics, if it’s used properly.

Blow Dryer vs. Canned Air – Canned air shoots a blast of air into cracks and crevasses of electronics to clean in between areas such as keyboards, keypads, and ventilation areas. The canned air is expensive, and doesn’t last long. A blow dryer on the ‘cool’ setting can remove dirt and debris from electronics in the same way. It won’t be as powerful, but can do the job. Many retailers sell cordless hair dryers, which make the job even easier if you have a lot of electronics to clean.

Diluted Alcohol vs. Electronic Spray Cleaner – You can clean many electronics with water and alcohol. Simply fill a spray bottle with 50% distilled water and 50% denatured alcohol. Spray the solution on a microfiber cloth and wipe the electronic device or screen. It should be streak-free and dry quickly. Using diluted alcohol properly not only cleans electronics safely, it disinfects.

Clean Your Equipment Used for Cleaning Electronics

Microfiber cloths can be laundered with other items, as long as fabric softener or any other oily substance is not used. To ensure microfiber cloths maintain their integrity for a long time, purchase a large quantity of them and launder them in a separate load.

A blow dryer can collect lint on its intake air vent, located in the back of the blow dryer. The blow dryer typically comes with instructions on how to clean the intake vent cover and can easily be removed to clean it. To ensure it’s running at its peak performance, ensure the intake vent cover is clear of dust and debris.

Keeping your electronics clean from dust, dirt and debris can keep them running efficiently. Because many electronics are costly, it can also assist in making them last longer.

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