How to Get Rid of Ants

Spotting a small, harmless ant in your business may not seem like such a big deal at first, but don’t be fooled. Where there is one ant, you can bet there are many, many more waiting to descend on your space.



So what do you do? Well, it’s time to prepare for battle because when the ants go marching in, you have to be ready to give them their marching orders out.

There are several ways to approach the problem:

Home remedies. Many common ants, like the tiny ants that make their home in the cracks of pavement, like sweet tastes. So, if you’re trying to lure them into a trap, try teasing them with a cupful of a sweet, sticky substance like syrup or jelly.

Some also swear by a common product that most people still have in their home even after their children have grown: Baby powder. If you know the points where ants are coming in from, it’s said that the baby powder can kill the ants still inside because they can’t find their way out using the scent from their original trail.

Unfortunately, these home remedies and others may take so time to work and business owners need results fast because customers definitely don’t like to see ants inside office buildings, hotel rooms, bathrooms, schools, hospitals and especially places where food is prepared.

Home remedies can also be messy to use and some won’t work if you can’t locate where the ants are coming in at in the first place.

A natural approach. One tip that is an oldie but goodie is to draw a line in chalk around the area you believe may be creating the ant invasion problem. This may sound simple, and could be a good solution for homeowners, but having chalk in a place of business is sure to draw attention to the problem. No business owner wants to scream out to the world that there is an ant problem in the building.

Some recommend sprinkling specific herbs, spices and scented oils around problem areas. This approach seems simple, but can be difficult for larger business applications due to the sheer amount needed and the cost of such products, not to mention the powerful smells herbs and spices leave behind.

Other natural ingredients can be hard to find.

Commercial applications. Sprays, foggers and repellants can quickly squash the ant invasion but have earned a poor reputation due to the chemicals they use. The good news is that many manufacturers today are sensitive to consumer concerns and have developed products that are safer, but just as effective.

Champion Sprayon Ant & Roach Killer, is designed for spot treatment when you don’t want to treat the entire facility. With its injector tube, it is the perfect way to treat cracks and crevices in homes and nonfood areas of commercial buildings, office spaces and other businesses.

In addition, since fire ants are well-known to be extremely stubborn to get rid of, commercial applications like Sprayon Fire Ant Killer are very effective at quickly killing on contact with its non-staining, water-based formula.

For food service areas, there are multi-purpose insecticides available that work on hard-to-get-rid-of ants like carpenter ants as well as other annoying pests such as centipedes, earwigs, silverfish, spiders and more.

Perhaps the best way to avoid ant problems in the future is to prevent their entry altogether. Make sure not to leave out sticky substances and clean up regularly. Seal up any leaks around doors and windows. In short, don’t make your place of business a comfortable, easy place for ants to establish residency.

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