How to Jumpstart Recycling Efforts in the Workplace

Recycling Trash CanAs business owners look to squeeze as much as possible from thin budgets, there may be one area that they overlook: Recycling and garbage. In this era of increasing collection fees and supply expenses, garbage costs continue to rise, impacting the bottom line of businesses everywhere.
The answer to addressing these growing expenses may lie with recycling efforts. By removing items from garage cans, business owners can better manage overall garbage expenses.
Why recycle?
The answer to this question is multifaceted. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of recycling in the workplace:

–  It helps to promote environmental consciousness by reducing the amount of trash going into landfills

–  It makes employees feel good that they can easily contribute to a good cause

–  It extends the recycling efforts that many employees are already engaged in at home

–  It’s a cost effective program that can save time, energy and money

–  It can reduce clutter in work environments, save space and eliminate nasty garbage odors in lunchroom situations

–  It’s easy to get started and maintain

Make recycling easy

It is simple to kick off a recycling program. Just select the style of sturdy bin that works best for the workplace space and make sure the container is clearly marked.

Professional janitorial supply companies are a good place to find high quality recycling containers to suit every need. At Worldwide Janitor, the Round Huskee Recycling Garbage Can is a bright blue receptacle embossed with a white recycle logo. At a 32 gallon capacity, it is large enough for many different types of recyclables.

Business owners who want to gradually introduce a recycling program can start by focusing efforts on one area of recyclables, such as paper or aluminum soda cans. The Round Huskee Recycling Garbage Can Lid features a center hole and the words “Cans Only” imprinted prominently on top to encourage responsible recycling. The container is attractive since the lid conceals the cans.

For other types of recyclables, consider a container that keeps different materials separate. the Blue Janitorial Cart with Yellow Bag for example, accommodates two receptacles for waste or recycle collection.

Once the type of recycle bin has been chosen, place it in a convenient spot for employees. A cans only container is the perfect choice for a lunchroom or break room area while a bin marked “paper only” would be appropriate located next to an office printer.

Finally, find a local recycling service provider. Today some communities have curbside pickup for small business recyclables, but many recycling companies also offer comprehensive programs tailored to the needs of responsible business owners. Make a few phone calls to discover what is available in your area.

Explain the benefits of recycling

Once the recycling containers are in place and the service provider selected, it’s time to rally support from employees by introducing the recycling program in an organized manner.

Don’t just set out the new containers and hope for the best. Educate employees about why the business is participating in a new recycling program and how it benefits everyone. A good way to do this is by hosting a staff meeting to explain what materials will be accepted for recycling, where the containers are located and how often they will be emptied. Encourage a dialogue by asking employees for their ideas, input and feedback.

Post gentle reminders about the new recycling program by hanging posters or introducing an incentive program if recycle goals are met. Make recycling fun by holding a “desk clean-up day” or a friendly competition between departments.

What else can be done?

One good action often leads to another. Continue to cut garbage costs and promote environmental-friendly practices by using recycled items in the workplace. There will still be some garbage, for example, so purchase recycled can liners to help reduce the impact on the environment.

Consider collecting recyclables for local charities as well. There are many non-profit organizations and schools that accept old cell phones, printer cartridges, computer equipment and more.

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