How to Train Your Employees to Save You Money

Professional cleaners dusting wooden furitureMost commercial, janitorial and house cleaning companies require employees to work at different clients’ sites. As the business owner, you or your managers can’t be at every client location at once. Worldwide Janitor’s library touches on topics such as “How to Use Dilution Ratios” and training employees. There are other ways to save your business time and money to ensure your employees are trained and do the job properly, whether you or your clients pay for the cleaning products.

Clients and Checklists

Talk to every client to assure them you are saving them money by putting strict guidelines in place for your employees. Create a checklist for employees at every client site in accordance to the client’s cleaning contract, and have the client approve it. If a client asks for additional tasks to be done, explain the task is not in accordance to the contract and may require additional time from your employees, moreover, an additional charge.

After the checklist is approved, go over each task with your employees. Give them examples on how it should be done. Some clients will ask your employees for favors. Make sure your employees contact you before doing the tasks requested if the tasks are not on the cleaning contract. By creating the checklist and giving specific instructions to employees, the job will be done correctly in a timely manner and your employees won’t be taken advantage of.

Hire Supervisors or Lead Employees

Give at least one good employee the title of “Lead” or “Supervisor”. A promotion or higher title makes employees happy and more willing to make sure the job is done correctly. For clients who require only one of your employees, have a supervisor make spontaneous weekly visits. Have at least one employee overseeing the operations at a specific client site will guarantee the checklist is followed. The lead employee will oversee things such as proper dilution ratios and that the cleaning equipment and tools are properly maintained.

Buy in Bulk

Whether your business is small or large, buying in bulk can greatly reduce pricing, especially on items your business uses frequently. If your business is small, dilute products, such as Worldwide Janitor’s Streak Free Non-Ammoniated Window Cleaner, at one location and mix the diluted cleaner into spray bottles. Label each spray bottle and take one or several to each client’s site. If your business is large, keep one or two of the undiluted products at each site with specific dilution instructions for your employees.

Worldwide Janitor offers bulk purchasing discounts and has a wide range of quality products that can be diluted. If your client is purchasing the cleaning supplies, suggest contacting Worldwide Janitor for bulk discounts.

Reward Your Employees

Add rewards to your business’s budget. A small reward can go a long way. For employees who follow the checklists properly, reward them. Even a small gift card is greatly appreciated. If your budget is small, then reward a few of your top employees. Because cleaning jobs can be tough and pay low wages, find gift cards for things that will assist with their every day lives. Many gas stations, convenient and grocery stores have gift cards for small amounts.

Maintain All Cleaning Equipment and Tools

Cleaning equipment, such as vacuum cleaners, trash cans, and mop bucket ringers on a routine basis. Mop bucket ringers should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. Other equipment, such as large trash cans should be thoroughly cleaned on a routine basis. Trash containers, such as Worldwide Janitor’s tilt trucks, can carry odors and bacteria from leaky trash bags and other unknown substances. Ensure they’re cleaning routinely. Purchase a disinfectant spray, such as Worldwide Janitor’s Spay Disinfectant/Deodorant Cleaner to spray in the trash bins in between thorough cleanings.

Vacuum cleaners should be refurbished on a routine basis. Many commercial vacuum cleaners can be taken apart easily and cleaned, simply by following the instructions in the User’s Manual. Instruct supervisors or lead cleaners on how to maintain the vacuum cleaners. You may choose to hire someone to go to each site on a routine basis. A well-maintained vacuum cleaner can last for many years. Even if your vacuum cleaners have a warranty, it is often required to send it the manufacture to be fixed, which is expensive and time consuming. The warranty is often void if the vacuum was misused in any way. By properly maintaining equipment like this, it saves time and money by extending the life of vacuum cleaners.

For all equipment that uses electric for power, ensure your employees take proper care of the electrical cord. If the cord isn’t properly wrapped, it can become tangled and break, which can cause a shock or the vacuum to stop working. While maintaining equipment that use electric can be done by you or an employee, replacing the electrical cord isn’t as easy and should be done by an expert vacuum repair professional.

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