Tips for Commercial Pest Control

pest-controlThere is nothing that can make your facility less attractive than rodents or insects. No matter how clean the space is otherwise, pests can shatter the idea that your facility is sanitary and clean, negatively affecting your business.
The key to pest control is prevention. Getting rid of pests after they’ve set up camp in your building can be very difficult, but preventing them from making a home there in the first place is the best way to go. In this article, we’ll share our top tips for preventing pests from arriving, as well as what to do if they’ve already made their way inside.

Preventing Pests

1. Prevent standing water.

While many facilities don’t let food stay out so as to avoid a pest problem, it’s easy to forget that rodents, insects, and other pests are drawn to standing water. Not only mosquitos but roaches, rats, and mice are drawn to water, partly because they think it means there is food around. Be relentless in ridding your space of standing water, especially after cleanings.

Inform your janitorial staff to ensure that every area is dry before finishing cleaning. Don’t forget to check for standing water in places like containers, pots, or gutters in or around your building.

2. Look for structural damage that could be causing pest problems.

Look for any structural damage that may be enticing little visitors, especially if your pest problems are persistent or recurring. Check your roof for leaks and ensure that all drains and gutters are working properly and not leaving water standing internally or somewhere else without your knowledge.

3. Take out garbage regularly.

Especially when you are trying to get rid of pests, it’s crucial to take out the trash on a regular basis. This may mean taking trash out before it’s completely full. It may also be effective to post notices for facility visitors to dispose of wet garbage somewhere other than the trash can. In many cases, you can inform your staff to do this, such as in a restaurant or kitchen. Be vigilant in keeping garbage far outside of your facility until the pest problems subside.

4. Do not store or stack firewood near the building.

Firewood attracts termites and harbors moisture that attracts many other kinds of pests. Keep wood stored in a dry place away from your building.

Getting Rid of Pests

If your pest control problem is mild, you may be able to effectively eliminate them yourself using commercial pest control products from Worldwide Janitor.

Bayer Advanced Home Pest Control

This heavy-duty product is safe to use by the consumer and is effective at treating for pests both indoors and outdoors. It is best at removing ants, termites, cockroaches, fleas, spiders, wasps, gnats, mosquitoes, beetles, fire ants, and other insects for up to 12 months.

Mosquito Eater Traps

Use these non-chemical traps to reduce mosquitoes by up to 98% for up to an acre or a 150-foot radius. They are ideal for use on porches or near building foundations.

Tomcat Bait Chunx

Tomcat Bait Chunx can be used to get rid of rodents in both urban and rural environments. This bait can be placed in corners, hidden spots, or other areas where signs of rodents are present.

Extinct Insecticide

For an insecticide that’s safe for use around animals, choose Extinct Insecticide, which kills many different kinds of pests, including mosquitoes, spiders, ants, flies, moths, ticks, beetles, scorpions, and bedbugs. It’s even safe to be sprayed directly on animals such as dogs, chicken, or cattle.

Seeking a Professional

There are times when it’s necessary to hire a team of licensed professionals to eliminate the pests in your space. Call the professionals if:

  • You have bedbugs. Bedbugs can easily get out of control and pose a huge risk to businesses such as hotels who must maintain a good reputation in order to operate. If you have bedbugs, seek a professional’s help right away. Not doing so can cost you your business’s reputation and potentially lots of money as a result.
  • You have termites. Pests are one thing, but when you have termites that might compromise the structure of your building, it’s necessary to ask the professionals for advice right away.
  • You consistently have pests. If you’ve been treating your facility for pests and have seen no results, it’s time to ask the professionals for help. They have access to stronger pest control chemicals that cannot be operated by the consumer.
  • The problem gets worse. If your pest problem gets worse instead of better despite making changes to your facility’s cleaning routine, it’s time to call in the professionals. They may have insight into building problems or other issues that are bringing pests in.

It’s crucial that your building reflects a sanitary and professional atmosphere, and that’s not possible if you have visible pests. Make it your new years resolution to get rid of pests for good by following these easy prevention tips, and getting rid of any pests you may already have by using one of the commercial grade products on Worldwide Janitor.

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