Why are our UPS Shipping Prices so Expensive?

We apologize that our UPS prices are so expensive for some people, there are a few reasons for this:

  • We do not do a lot of UPS shipping, therefore we don’t get the discounts that some high volume sellers receive from UPS. The big cost savings we provide is for customers purchasing bulk quantities (pallet and 55 gallon drums) using freight truck shipping.
  • For customers living in areas that are considered “extended service areas,” UPS adds on an extra charge.
  • We are located in the greater New Orleans metro area, so the further out from us you are, the more expensive UPS charges to ship.
  • Most of our products are liquid products that are very heavy, therefore UPS shipping is more than what people are used to paying for sending lighter-weight, everyday packages.
  • UPS also adds on an additional charge for residential delivery these days, and that charge is automatically determined by their software regardless of whether the address actually¬†is¬†a residential location.

While the focus of our business is our high-volume bulk selling, we realize that lowering UPS costs will help to increase exposure of our excellent product line. We hope to offer better UPS prices in the future.

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  1. Lynn Shamburg says:

    It cost me $30.00 to send a Bible, normal size, 250 miles away, via UPS, that was without Insurance. Why was it so much? Next time I will use the USPS.

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