Worldwide Janitor Adds Low Suds Concentrate Detergent for High Volume Commercial Laundry

166416468New Orleans, LA (PRWEB) — Low Suds Concentrate, a powdered commercial laundry detergent manufactured by Snee Chemical Company, is available for immediate purchase online at It can be ordered in bulk sizes for high volume washing needs, making it an economical choice for consumers. Scientifically designed to suspend soil in the water, this chlorine-free, biodegradable detergent contains optical brighteners that enrich colors and brighten whites, without sacrificing its ability to remove the toughest industrial dirt and grime from a wide range of fabrics including heavily soiled institutional linen.

This product ( won’t leave soap scum or film, and is ideal for both home and institutional applications–though dilutions will vary according to soil load and washer size. It is sold in bulk quantities including 50lbs pails and pallet quantities of 24 pails.

“It’s an excellent detergent,” said Chris Hartwell, President of Inlayout, LLC, the parent company of “I have used it myself in the past, so I’m very excited to partner with Snee Chemical Company in making Low Suds Concentrate available online. Our customers already understand the economical benefits of buying concentrated solutions. They understand how fewer resources in manufacturing result in lower cost to the end-user. Now they can further reduce cost by purchasing this product online, eliminating that time-consuming trip to their distributor. The really neat thing about what we offer on Worldwide Janitor, is that anyone has the ability to easily order pallets of this product at a time through our website, get bulk quantity discounts, and we include shipping options for freight lines.”

The mission of Worldwide Janitor is to transform the industrial supply market by providing easy online ordering for products that are normally only available through word-of-mouth or small distributors who sell to local businesses. The online company launched in January of 2013, bringing these products to the general public for the first time.

For more information, visit or call 1-888-252-6284.

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