4 Tough Commercial Laundry Challenges and How to Solve Them

washing machineIt isn’t hard to find articles that promise to fix all of your laundry challenges and offer techniques to remove every stain effortlessly. But 99% of those articles are not geared toward commercial cleaning products.
As commercial laundry facility managers, you have a specialized set of challenges and limitations. You have an enormous amount of laundry to clean every day. And you have many customers who are relying on your ability to remove tough stains, get clothing clean and dry promptly, and to never damage a garment.
Today, we’ll address 4 specialized laundry challenges of commercial cleaning facilities and share solutions for each of them. Your laundry facility will be cleaning more efficiently in no time!

Challenge #1: Stain removal takes time– that we don’t have!

Solution: Quality commercial cleaning products, stain identification, and proper staff training.

The number one rule of stain removal is patience: it’s going to take time to remove that stain, but time is luxury that we don’t have. In a commercial facility, you need to be able to remove stains as quickly as possible.

Another usual rule of thumb for laundry is to do your best to treat stains as soon as possible after they happen. This is another advantage that laundry facilities do not always have access to. To combat these disadvantages for stain removal, we suggest a 3-fold process: quality products, stain identification, and proper staff training.

First, head to Worldwide Janitor to find all the quality laundry products you need, all in one place. No more purchasing from different wholesalers or spending more than you need to on retail products.

Second, create a system for identifying and treating stains based on the type of stain. Divide stains into 3 categories: oil-based stains, organic stains, and non-organic water based stains. Write out a detailed system for each type of stain removal.

Finally, train staff to treat the most common kinds of stains according to the systems. For specialized types of stains that fall outside of the 3 categories, designate only a couple of different staff people to remove them on the rare occasion you encounter them. This will ensure that 95% of your laundry is streamlined and does not stall the process because of one or two problem fabrics.

Challenge #2: Smelly or dirty washing machines.

Solution: Cleaning your washing machine– in the fast lane.

When you turn over hundreds or thousands of pounds of laundry each week, your washing machine is bound to need cleaning once in awhile.

Instead of waiting for your washing machine to become practically unusable in order to start cleaning it, be proactive and schedule washing machine cleanings on a regular basis. When you schedule washing machine cleanings, you are never caught by surprise when one machine is causing laundry to smell and therefore cannot be used.

Depending on how many loads of laundry you turn over, you may need to clean your washing machine as often as once every one or two days. Ask your staff how often the machines start to accumulate detergent residue or mildew, then create a routine around this need.

Challenge #3: Tangled strings are ruining your products.

Solution: Use mesh laundry bags.

For facilities that wash everything (and I mean everything, from shoes and delicates to cleaning products like microfiber cloths and mop heads), mixing all of your laundry garments together can be problematic, and can sometimes even damage fabrics. But at the same time, it is not economical to wash these products separately or hand wash them.

The solution is to make regular use of mesh laundry bags. Many facilities have these and do not use them, while some facilities surprisingly do not keep mesh laundry bags around at all. While they are an inexpensive and simple solution, they are an effective one.

Take a look around your facility and find what occasional or regular damage is being done to fabrics that could be prevented with a mesh laundry bag. Then grab some of your own!

Challenge #4: Constantly running out of product.

Solution: Purchasing detergent and laundry products by the pallet on Worldwide Janitor.

This widespread problem has a simple solution: purchase your laundry products by the pallet in bulk from Worldwide Janitor! In addition to always having the products on hand that you need, you will instantly get a discount for purchasing products in bulk.

Plus, we carry only the best and most effective laundry products on the market. To learn more about the kinds of laundry products we carry and in what bulk quantities they are available, see our recent article on the topic.

When you have a cleaning job to do, Worldwide Janitor is here to make sure that you are equipped to handle it. Don’t let any of these tough commercial laundry challenges hold back your facility. Let Worldwide Janitor help!

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