What Laundry Detergent Do Hotels Use?

hotel laundryThere are few industries more reliant on effective commercial laundry detergent than hotels. They do mountains of laundry every day, and this is a indispensable part of their business. Towels and linens must be spotlessly clean and ready for hotel guests.

So how do hotels and motels keep their laundry so clean and white?

Commercial Laundry Detergent at Worldwide Janitor

Hotels and motels buy their laundry detergent in bulk quantities from commercial cleaning supply companies like Worldwide Janitor. Last week, we shared how easy it is to purchase laundry detergent by the pallet from Worldwide Janitor in just minutes.

This week, we’ll talk about the different laundry detergents that are available for purchase online that fit the high demands and specialized needs of laundry detergent for high volume commercial establishments like hotels.

Hotels use commercial laundry products that are generally more  concentrated and effective than laundry detergent that is sold in stores for ordinary consumer use.

Additionally, many commercial laundry detergents contain phosphates. Phosphates are an inorganic chemical that for many years was a core component of laundry and dishwashing detergent.

While more effective at cleaning, phosphates got a bad reputation for their effect on the environment. When  phosphates enter the environment through waterways and streams, they feed bacteria that contribute to oxygen deprivation in the oceans, or “dead zones.” It is because of this reputation, that phosphates were banned from most residential laundry detergents.

However, they are still used commercially. You can learn more about phosphates in cleaners in our article about them here. For a list of which laundry detergents contain phosphates and which do not, see our list.

Another important topic is makeup removal. Makeup creates some of the most difficult  stains on hotel laundry. What we’ve learned over the years, is that the best strategy is to keep the makeup off of the linens in the first place. Hotels across the country are starting to provide provide guests with a few free makeup removal wipes in each room. These are conveniently placed near the sink along with the usual soap amenities. They are very cheap, and they work better than soap and water for removing makeup.

Worldwide Janitor carries many brands of laundry detergent that are widely used in hotels. Here are some of our most popular commercial products.

Note: All of the below products are available for purchase in bulk quantities and by the pallet. Check out our article from last week for more info about purchasing by the pallet at Worldwide Janitor.

HTD Heavy Duty Detergent

When turning over hundreds of pounds of laundry every day, there is no time to waste fighting stains individually as you might at home. Hotels need a laundry detergent that fights stains the first time through.

That’s why many hotels choose to use HTD Heavy Duty Detergent. This powedered formula, which contains phosphates, fights the toughest stains quickly and easily. HTD is our most Alkaline detergent, therefore it is better for getting out oils and greases than our other detergents. It comes in a concentrated powder form and can be used on both whites and colored fabrics.


Premium quality alkaline, powdered detergent for outstanding results in institutional and industrial laundry applications. Contains an advanced blend of builders, surfactants, alkalis, phosphates, anti-redeposition agents and optical brighteners for optimum results in all water conditions and soil loads. Enzyme fortified for improved stain, soil and odor removal. Low sudsing. Fresh lemon fragrance.


A concentrated, alkaline, controlled sudsing laundry detergent for institutional, industrial and residential use in top or front loading washers. Ideal for manual use in standard or high efficiency residential-type machines, or for automatic injection in front loading institutional machines. Contains a powerful surfactant system which penetrates and dissolves tough soils. Suspends and removes soil while brightening and retaining color. Safe on most laundry washable fabrics when used as directed. Excellent for prespotting stains or spots. Lemon fresh fragrance.

Oxy Bleach

Superior quality powdered color safe bleach for most institutional and industrial laundry applications. Utilizes a controlled oxygen release system to safely and effectively remove stains and brighten fabrics. Ideally suited for both white and colored cottons and linens. Offers reduced color fade and fabric damage versus chlorine bleaches. Fortified with water conditioners for unsurpassed performance in hard water areas. Contains optical brighteners for enhanced fabric appearance. Suitable for residential use.

Sunbrite Powdered Chlorine Bleach

Superior quality powdered chlorine bleach for most institutional and industrial laundry applications. Utilizes a controlled chlorine release system to safely and effectively remove stains and brighten fabrics. Ideally suited for white cottons and linens. Not recommended for colored fabrics. Fortified with phosphates for unsurpassed performance in hard water areas. Contains optical brighteners for enhanced fabric appearance. Suitable for residential use.

La Fresh Makeup Removal Wipes

One of the biggest challenges for hotel laundry is makeup on white towels. Fighting this battle is best won by keeping the makeup off of the towels to begin with. That’s why we recommend La Fresh. These individually wrapped wipes work great and have the best customer ratings in the industry. We sell them in bulk cases of 1200.

Meet Your Hotel’s Laundry Detergent Needs With Worldwide Janitor

Hotels and motels all over the world trust Worldwide Janitor with their laundry detergent needs. Worldwide Janitor has all the benefits that your company needs:

Products that you trust to maintain your facility. We carry only the best laundry products so that you can order from Worldwide Janitor with confidence.
Available in large quantities and by the pallet. We understand the demands of your industry. That’s why we sell products in large quantities.
We can get you what you need quickly. We are agile and able to help you quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to doing what you do best: serving your customers.
Discounted price. All the discounts you’ve come to expect, with the ease and convenience of online ordering.

When you need hotel laundry detergent, you need Worldwide Janitor. Start shopping today to find the product that’s right for you.

Have questions about our cleaning products or our website? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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50 Responses to What Laundry Detergent Do Hotels Use?

  1. Maureen Dunn says:

    zip code 16848 – do you deliver in this area?

    • Worldwide Janitor says:

      Hi Maureen,

      Yes we do. We deliver all over the Continental USA, as well as internationally. The important thing to consider here is shipping costs. While everyone pays for shipping one way or the other (sometimes it’s hidden in the price of the item), we are not in the business to make money off of shipping. In fact, I find that we usually lose a little money on shipping every month, and that’s ok as long as we are making up for it by selling products.

      If you use our shopping cart you will see quite a few options to consider. Click on the “Estimate Shipping” button (bottom left) while viewing your products in the shopping cart, and you will see shipping options like UPS and freight truck figures.

      Here are a few considerations when it comes to shipping costs:

      1. We are located in the New Orleans, LA area, so proximity affects pricing and delivery time.
      2. UPS give us a volume discount, and we try to pass that on to our customers. Currently I think we give about 20% off published rates, but this system is not perfect. We still have work to do in order for it to account for a lot of extra fees that UPS charges.
      3. Buying in bulk saves. We have really good freight truck shipping rates, so by all means take advantage of this if you can.
      4. The types of products we sell, like detergents, are typically very heavy, therefore UPS charges on small orders can be high compared to what you save by purchasing in bulk and using freight truck delivery.
      5. Another cool thing about our shopping cart, is that we give customers the option of using their own UPS account upon checkout. Not many online stores provide this option. When you check out, you can provide the UPS account number you want us to bill the shipping to. You may get a better price break from UPS than we do, so this can help.

      Hope this helps!


  2. Eleanor says:

    When I stay at a hotel/hospital, towels are so bright white. Which detergent is used? I would like to place a order. Thank you!

  3. Worldwide Janitor says:

    There are a few things you can do to get brighter whites…
    1. Use stain remover on any difficult to remove stains.
    2. Pre-soak or pre-wash with an Oxy Care or Oxy Clean product.
    3. Us a good commercial detergent with phosphates like Low Suds, Liquid Laundersol, or HTD Heavy Duty Detergent.
    4. Use a concentrated bleach like our Pure Bright 10% bleach.
    5. Another thing I’ve learned is that old whites that have yellowed over time (years) are hopeless. Donate these to Goodwill and buy new ones. Hotel linens don’t have that long of a lifespan.

  4. Jeffry Winslow says:

    What is your best biodegradable laundry detergent. I have a commercial operation using septic systems.

  5. Worldwide Janitor says:

    Hi Jeffry,

    Lemon Scent Detergent is probably the best detergent we have for use with septic systems.

    It does not have phosphates in it.

  6. Regina Murbach says:

    Do you know if the chemicals in any of these detergents can cause allergic reactions? The last two times I’ve stayed in a hotel, I got what seems to be mosquito bites on my body. Both times were not in mosquito season or in areas where mosquitos might be present year-round. The first time I thought bed bugs, but the hotel had the housekeeping supervisor inspect the room, and it was free of bugs. It was a family vacation with several people in different rooms, but I was the only one who had this problem, so it could not have been bed bugs. The exact same happened again at another hotel. Could the chemicals in these detergent cause this?

    • Worldwide Janitor says:

      Hi Regina,

      Sorry for taking so long to reply to this. People can have allergic reactions to lots of different ingredients in laundry products, and in my opinion there is no detergent that everyone will be immune to allergic reactions from. I say this partly because of my own experience after having an allergic reaction from using Dreft when my kids were young, which is supposed to be a safe detergent for babies. I think there is too much variation in people’s allergies to say that a particular detergent “can cause allergic reactions.” In my opinion, they all can.

    • Me says:

      Regina, It really sounds like Bed Bugs. The bites can appear to look like mosquito bites. I would not trust housekeeping to tell you about an infestation. Several people have no reaction to bites. Studies say about 60% of people have no visible sign to a bite. It does not mean they were not bitten, it just means their body did not produce a histamine reaction.
      Allergic reactions usually result in more of a rash or hive.

      • Worldwide Janitor says:

        I second this comment above… just because the hotel staff said they inspected the rooms and found them to be free of bed bugs doesn’t mean they were telling the truth. Hotels are very guarded about their reputations, and if it got out that they had bed bugs it would look really bad. People would write about it in reviews, and it could kill their business.

  7. Jacqui says:

    What laundry detergent do you recommend to use on sheets that have oil in them? Ex: massage therapist sheets. They are filled with oil and the oil permeates the linen, making it difficult for the smell to be removed with regular Tide.

    • Worldwide Janitor says:


      For oily linens such as this, you should use a detergent that has high pH or is very alkaline. Our HTD Heavy Duty Detergent is what we typically recommend for linens that have oil or grease stains.

      Keep in mind that no detergent is perfect on everything and results will vary according to the amount and type of “soil” you are trying to remove.


  8. jennifer says:

    What kind of detergent is typical used in a hospital? I like the soft scent and seems stains come out very well.

    • Worldwide Janitor says:

      Hi, there are too many different detergents that hospitals could be using to answer this question accurately. Sorry, I wish I could be more helpful.

  9. Meera says:

    hi, do you deliver to 98312, zip code for the Bremerton WA area, you products

    • Worldwide Janitor says:

      Hi, yes we ship all over the US. Washington State is pretty far from us, so UPS will not be cheap, but we do it all the time for people.

  10. April marvin says:

    What is the name of the blue cleaning stuff used that’s smells awesome and were can I buy it

    • Worldwide Janitor says:


      What type of cleaning is this used for? Is it a blue liquid? Please tell me more details. Thanks.

  11. Pryor88 says:

    Hi , i am struggle with soil terrys, we wash everything differwnt, sheets are been separated from towels, but still soil wash cloths with yellow stains. Even after stain reclaim process.

  12. edie gruber says:

    i cant get makeup out of my linens and i have 8 girls help

    • Worldwide Janitor says:


      HTD Heavy Duty detergent is best for this. Also try pre-soaking in a stain remover. See if you can find some makeup wipes for them to use because that will make it a lot easier on you.

  13. Marc says:

    I own a laundromat and have an opportunity to service a wholesale account through a large linen company who will serve as the middle man. I will be washing all white wash clothes, towels and bath mats. Should be about 60,000 pieces a week. What should I be washing them in?

    • Worldwide Janitor says:

      Hi, most laundromats we sell to either use HTD Heavy Duty Detergent or Liquid Laundersol for the the detergent. For whites, I also recommend Chlorine Dry Bleach, which can work a little better than liquid bleach since it is a product that releases sodium hypochlorite into the wash over time to maintain a high percentage of sodium hypochlorite during the wash cycle. You can also use Oxy Clean or Oxygen Dry Bleach for added stain removal on colors. You can find all of these in our Laundry Products category: https://worldwidejanitor.com/laundry-products-c-82/



  14. Terri W. says:

    Are both Comfort Inn and La Quinta your customers?if yes, I will call them and find out which detergent they both use. I never get allergic to either one and I always have problems with rashes from detergents.

    • Worldwide Janitor says:

      Hi, thanks for your inquiry. We do are not able to disclose who our customers are due to privacy and competitive interests. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

  15. Ben N. says:

    We run a salon and we normally have nail polish and dust stain on our towels. What products are recommended for our store ? Thanks

  16. L. G. says:

    I have a special needs boy who is continually soiling himself (potty trained but has behavioral). We prewash, use the sanitize option with steam and add febreeze to his laundry loads. The stains come out but the fecal odor does not. Help!

    • Worldwide Janitor says:

      Hi, a couple of things you can do here. The first is to make sure you are using a good detergent like our Liquid Laundersol or HTD – something with phosphates. The next thing is to make sure you are using some type of oxygenating action bleach like Oxy Care, Oxygen Dry Bleach, or Oxy Clean. These really help with organic stains and odors.

      The last (and maybe the best) thing I’d recommend is every now and then, soaking them in an enzyme based odor remover. We have a product called “Enzomatic Odor Eliminator” and there are a few other products similar on the market. There are 2 ways you can use this:

      1. Before you wash, get as much of the soil off the linen as you can then soak it for a few hours using the recommended dilution.
      2. OR if the linens are heavily soiled, wash first, then soak in enzomatic, and re-wash.

      I realize this can be time consuming, so you may want to only do it every now and then. Fabreeze is going to be more of a cover scent. Enzomatic and the Oxy products should help process whatever is causing the scent. There are also some scent removal laundry products made for deer hunters that you could try. Those are available at Sporting Good Stores.

  17. Jessica Pizzo says:

    This is weird do say.. but at several of the “nice” hotels.. my sheets/duvet smell like fresh bleach. I have tried to mimic that at home, but never can!! What do you think they’re using to get such a heavy/long lasting bleach scent??

    • Jessica Pizzo says:

      Also.. are you supposed to put detergent in when your bleaching your whites? Or does it counteract the bleach? I have been mixing them.

      • Worldwide Janitor says:

        Yes, you should use detergent when bleaching, it will not counteract. Your washer should have different cycles for each component though…usually use an oxygen product in prewash, then detergent, then bleach, then fabric softener.

    • Worldwide Janitor says:


      It’s impossible to say really. A lot of what you smell in normal laundry comes from fabric softener and dryer sheets that are added after the wash process. If you’re sure the smell is bleach though, you could try experimenting with some different bleaches. Some of the store bought brands add scent. None of the ones we sell have added scents.

    • Carolyn says:

      I’ve been trying to mimic this scent forever. It has NO fragrance whatsoever. No lemon, no perfumes, etc…it’s just PLAIN CLEAN. (Not fragrance trying to mimic “clean” in an artistic interpretation) I am going mad trying to figure out exactly which brand hotels truly use. They do NOT use fabric softeners (that builds up and ruins laundry over just a short time and adds fragrance) and they do not add dryer sheets to their dryer unless they are 100% unscented. It smells like chemical clean. Like a new car. Just pure newness in a way…I’m obsessed with the smell even more than the bright white clean. I assume it’s a simple white powdered, unscented detergent, and a very specific powdered bleach that they add to it. I can tell it’s powdered though!

  18. David Perks says:

    Could your laundry detergent be used in a normal house washing machine, front load, low water consumption?

    • Worldwide Janitor says:

      Hi, it is really made for commercial washers, but I have heard of some people using them in regular washers. Just make sure that if you do use it in a High Efficiency washer (low water consumption) to only use about half of what the label calls for in the directions.

  19. Julie says:

    I think I may have gotten glass dust on my clothes. Which detergent can wash everything out, including glass particles?

  20. Barb says:

    Do you offer samples of HTD, low suds, or laundersol, or the oxygen dry bleach? Just looking for solutions for my dingy (non-commercial) front load laundry. ?

  21. suman Quincey says:

    My sheets and towels have been cleaned but bit yelling looks I need to make them white and brighter like hotel’s

  22. Daniel says:

    Which of the detergent is mostly recommend for brightening of white linen and towels

    • Worldwide Janitor says:

      Sunbrite or Chlorine Dry Bleach. BUT there are a number of other products that are going to help get your fabrics clean – bleach alone won’t do it. I also recommend some type of oxygenating (color safe bleach), detergents with enzymes and phosphates can help as well.

  23. Ankit J Patel says:

    Hi, i have small motel business and my withe linen never get bright and withe clean. I try lots of different kind of detergent and liquid shop but never get result. Can you please suggest best detergent for all with wash.
    Thank you

    • Worldwide Janitor says:

      Hi, we actually have some great new products you might want to try-
      Losuds is and incredible alkaline detergent with phosphates and enzymes, but you also should use a color safe bleach and chlorine bleach for whites.
      Oxy Bleach is our most popular color safe bleach right now, and Sunbrite is our most popular chlorinated bleach for whites.

  24. Sue M says:

    Where can I find the ingredient list for laundry products?

    • Worldwide Janitor says:

      Hi unfortunately most manufacturers do not provide full ingredient lists for their products since they are not required to by law and they do not want competitors stealing their formulas.

  25. Richard says:

    We live in the Phoenix metro area, use a water softener which, we know, only eliminates the calcium and magnesium, but our towels are now not soft, but scratchy. How can these left over minerals be eliminated so our towels remain soft.

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