Catering to Customers with Children

con 8252.jpg.image.200x131Whether your business is an office, a restaurant or a doctor’s office, providing services for customers who have children is a priority. Not only for the customer’s peace of mind, but to avoid uncomfortable circumstances in a public environment. If your business allows small children in the facility, consider making the women and family rest rooms comfortable, clean and easily accessible to mothers with small children.

Changing Stations

Even if your restrooms are small, installing a baby changing station can still be done. The baby changing station folds up for when it’s not being used and easily folds down securely with one hand. The station is mounted securely onto a vertical surface, such as the wall, and provides a comfortable area to safely and discretely change a baby’s diaper or clothes. Some baby changing stations provide enough room to care for two children. Not only does this provide an easily accessible area for parents to change their children, it also provides some peace of mind and less worries for parents to carry extra supplies or leave the building for their children’s needs.

Security for Parents by Disinfecting Baby Stations

Although a baby changing station provide relief and security to change their children, consider the proper cleaning supplies and accessories to provide a clean and sanitized environment for parents. Provide changing table paper for each of your changing stations. Similar to the paper used for each patient at a doctor’s office, the changing table paper comes in roll. Parents simply pull out the paper and line the changing table to provide an extra layer of protection for their baby. After parents are finished changing their children, they can easily rip-off the used portion and dispose of it. Consider placing a recycling trash receptacle within arms reach to throw away the used portion of the changing table paper. You may also consider providing baby wipes at the changing station as a courtesy for parents.

Many children are more susceptible to sickness, such as colds and viruses because of their weaker immune systems. To ensure germs and bacteria aren’t left behind, provide things like Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to allow parents to wipe down the changing table before or after changing their children. While most parents are considerate enough to ensure they don’t leave behind any germs, other parents may want to disinfect the table before they start changing their children.

 Keep Parents and Other Customers Happy

While its important to cater to families with children, other customers may not enjoy the results of disposing soiled diapers. To make everyone happy, provide disposable bags for soiled diapers, wipes and other items. Poopy Do disposable bags provide the convenience and protection to stop odors if parents dispose of diapers and other items with odors in the bag and seal it. The sealed bag can be disposed in a standard trash receptacle or a diaper bag dispenser. For the convenience of parents, the diaper bag dispenser can be mounted next to the changing table.

Also consider air fresheners for bathrooms with baby changing areas. Consider products, such as the Lysol Neutra Air Freshmatic. It uses an automated unit to spray fragrance into the air. To assure you don’t over use or under use the automated system, it has three timer settings to spray a fresh scent more or less frequently. You can also consider using products easily accessible to neutralize odors and sanitize the air, such as the Lysol Neutra Air spray. It leaves a clean fresh scent and kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria at the source of the odor.

Changing Station Courtesy

Along with standard considerations for changing stations, consider signage for your areas that provide changing stations. Since your providing the resources for parents to change their children, also ask them to be courteous and consider other guests. You can make the signs light-hearted and fun, without making the rules sound strict or potentially insulting.

The sign should go over the rules of using the facilities, including how and wear to dispose of diapers, where to dispose the changing table papers and what standard courtesies to consider for other customers who use the facility. While most parents will be grateful for your convenient resources to help with their children, some parents may not be as considerate. Set rules with a sign near the changing station in a lighthearted way. This will allow your employees or cleaning staff to focus on other responsibilities of their jobs, without feeling the need to constantly check areas that provide these services.

Once your facilities are in place, ensure you advertise your “child-friendly” environment. This can include signs on the facility and on your website. Some websites also provide a list of establishments that cater to busy parents, so you may consider adding your business to those websites. This will attract busy parents with children to your establishment. Many of these products can also be used at child care facilities. This will assist parents and your employees to quickly change babies on a sanitary surface that provides quick clean up afterwards.

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