Don’t Just Clean – Organize it, Too

Young group of office workers moving to new officeThoroughly cleaning can be a chore, especially if it’s long overdue. In many homes and offices, cleaning and sanitizing doesn’t look as nice if things aren’t organized. In many cases, some of the most obvious areas that require cleaning go unnoticed, so you might want to have some quick touch-up cleaning solutions handy to make things easier and quicker. Organizing during your thorough cleaning process can also assist in finding those areas that go unnoticed. Worldwide Janitor has many products to be your go-to place for all your cleaning and office organizing needs. We now have a variety of disinfectants that can be shipped nationwide, including some of the most popular brands on the market today and large variety of office supplies.


Often, when the urge to clean and reorganize comes on … you want it done as soon as possible. It’s best to step back, take a deep breath and prepare for everything entailed to get the job done quickly, thoroughly and cost effectively. There are several ways to plan such an event – especially because you never know what will be found during the process. Set up an easy strategy and allot the appropriate amount of time to do the cleaning. Always assume it will take longer than you expect. If it takes a shorter amount of time, that’s great. Depending on your schedule and time to do the work, you may choose to select one day a week or month, or set aside several days or weeks solely committed to cleaning and organizing in one sweep. Prepare to do the tasks when you can make room in your schedule so it’s completed and not put to the side.

Set a Budget

Cleaning and organizing will include some unexpected costs. While general cleaning requires standard products readily available, large-scale cleaning should include heavy-duty products and tools to do the job right. Organizing may also require purchasing new tools and equipment, such as label makers, file organizers and new office equipment. Set a budget for the task at hand. Sometimes purchasing small things along the way can get costly. If you set a budget, you know when to say when. Visualize the process and calculate what potential issues you’ll face and what will be required to tackle the issues. To give an example, you decide to move filing cabinets and clean behind them. Those areas can collect a lot more dust than you expect. You may think you need a few dusters to clean the area, when in fact you’ll need double the amount. If you think of those things ahead of time and include them in your budget, you won’t need to continuously purchase additional products and equipment.

Ordering Products and Services

Once you’ve set a budget, make a list of products and equipment required to do the job. Include cleaning and organizing supplies. You may choose to hire contractors to take on some of the work or do the work on your own. If you do hire another company to take on the work, ask that they allow you to order the cleaning and organizing products and provide a discount for their services. Take advantage of online coupons and shipping discounts for large orders. Worldwide Janitor offers shipping discounts, as well as a coupon code for $5 off any orders over $100. Because Worldwide Janitor sells everything from cleaning supplies to office furniture, supplies and accessories, you could potentially find huge savings by taking advantage of the discounts offered.

Keep it Clean

Once you’ve accomplished the cleaning and organizing, think of ways to keep those areas clean and sanitized. Add products to your budget that will assist you in keeping it clean. Equipment such as air purifiers help remove small particles, allergens and dust from the air, make future dusting easier, especially in areas not used as frequently. Strategically place easy clean-up accessories in areas where messes can be made, such as disinfecting wipes, so messes can be cleaned up immediately instead of being left behind. Add these types of products and equipment in your budget.

Out with the Old; In with the New — Consider Selling or Donating

If you have a large amount of items you choose to replace, such as filing cabinets, telephones, furniture and other equipment, consider having a yard sale or donate the items to charity. Even if some of the equipment you decide to dispose of have some damage, someone else or another organization could repair and use that equipment. Most charitable donations are considered a tax write-off and some of those organizations will pick up the equipment at your location. Making a few phone calls or simply placing an ad on the Internet will allow you have a “yard sale” or make donations to replace some of the money spend to clean and reorganize.

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