Commercial Bathroom Maintenance Checklist

Commercial Bathroom Maintenance ChecklistsThe bathroom can be one of the most disgusting areas in a place of business. Employees have to use them and in some cases customers are required to have access to them. Yet, nobody likes to clean bathrooms.
Unlike a home environment where the users realize that eventually they will have to clean up their own mess, in a business setting people can seem more willing to defer the problem to someone else.
In small businesses, that can become the problem of the owner or manager.
Everyone wants their business to make a strong impression, even in the bathroom. By following these tips, you’ll have cleaner, fresher restroom facilities that will be easy and less time-consuming to maintain.

Establish a schedule. This seems like a no-brainer, but when things get hopping around a business, when orders need to be filled and customers need to be taken care of, cleaning the bathroom can seem like a luxury. Instead, make sure it is a priority and establish a thoughtful cleaning schedule. Be sure to include the times the facilities need to be serviced, who will be responsible for the cleaning and what tasks need to be specifically addressed.

Tackle specific cleaning issues. Tough cleaning challenges require more than a general household cleaner. There is a time and a place for products that clean everything from glass and sinks to floors and toilets, but a tough problem requires an equally strong solution.

If you have a problem with mildew, attack it with the appropriate stain remover that can effortlessly remove mildew and stains. Snee Chemical Company manufactures Attack Mildew & Stain Remover that contains an industrial bleach cleaner. The product is good for general household cleaning, including stubborn bathrooms.

Getting rid of rust is essential because it screams neglect to employees and customers alike. It basically says the company isn’t well maintained and doesn’t care about its facilities. If a company doesn’t care about these types of items that are relatively simple to take care of, then how can it possibly care for its employees and customers?

So, if hard water is an issue and tough rust stains have reared their ugly head, try Handi-Flush Toilet Bowl Crystals. This product is specifically manufactured to dissolve stains and leave the toilet bowl completely clean. Problem solved.

Purchase high quality supplies. Without the proper tools, it will definitely be more difficult to stay on top of the problem. Stock your supply closet with a number of top-notch, proven cleaning agents so they are always accessible to staff members.

Buying in bulk can be a great way to ensure that the supply levels will be maintained so when you need a specific product, it’s right there. Purchasing wholesale will often provide bigger discounts, saving you money in the long run. You’ll also have to purchase products less often, saving your company time and additional shipping charges.

Maintain cleanliness between cleanings. Choose the right cleaning product and you’ll be able to maintain a fresh restroom facility throughout the day, not just right after a scrub-down. The Cherry Bowl Cleaner available at cleans toilet bowls and urinals and leaves behind a pleasant cherry scent.

Powerguard Bowl Cleaner is a strong cleanser that not only deodorizes; it prevents odors caused by microorganisms. Super Sana Blue can keep toilets and portable toilets sparkling clean and smelling fresh with every use. The deodorizing action begins immediately.

Ask employees to keep an eye on the facilities and discuss any potential problems with the appropriate personnel right away. Hang a sign encouraging customers to report issues to management.

Reassure customers that the bathroom is clean by posting a visible cleaning schedule that describes the cleaning jobs performed, the time they were completed and the initials of the person responsible for the cleaning. Just be careful that the bathroom is indeed cleaned regularly and that the form is initialed. Otherwise, your sign of reassurance quickly becomes a question of neglect – even if the facilities are remarkably clean.

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