Tips for Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Lawn GrassA beautiful lawn speaks volumes about a business. It says that this is a company that pays attention to details, cares about its community and is concerned about making a good impression on its customers.

Almost every day successful business owners are solicited by commercial landscapers, lawn mowers and lawn care companies about taking care of their property for them. The truth is that hands-on, involved business owners can likely handle all their outdoor needs on their own by heeding some easy words of advice.

Get an early start. If you want a healthy looking lawn for your business (and who doesn’t?), the time to start preparation is early spring. The cooler temperatures and increased possibilities for rain make spring the ideal time to fertilize and add new grass seed as necessary for a lush, thick lawn.

Start out with a good raking to remove any leftover leaves, sticks or brush that can cause parts of the lawn to rot.

If the lawn wasn’t fertilized or otherwise taken care of back in the fall, seize the opportunity to do so now. If the lawn was prepared for the long winter, take a wait-and-see approach. Allow the grass to “wake up” and don’t mow until the majority of the grass is green.

Take a natural approach. Invest in plants, trees and flowers that are hearty and native to your area. These are the plants that are likely to thrive in many soil conditions and tend to adapt well to the weather.

When selecting landscaping greenery, also consider these questions:

  • How hearty are the plants?
  • If they are flowering plants, when will they bloom and for how long?
  • How much watering will they need?
  • Will they need to be pruned or otherwise maintained throughout the growing season?
  • What will the plants look like in the fall and winter?

Choose with right products. While many homeowners enjoy pouring their heart and soul into lawn, a business owner doesn’t necessarily have the luxury of time. They can’t meticulously analyze their soil, apply numerous products to achieve the effect they want or spend hours raking, mowing, pruning and fertilizing.

Having commercial-grade, professional products on hand can make all the difference. Worldwide Janitor has selection of herbicides, insecticides and lawn equipment like water pressure foam guns and tank sprayers that can help you achieve a clean, well-cared for appearance.

Treat weeds swiftly. The last thing business owners want is for a potential customer to drive by and wonder if the company is run-down – or even closed – because of a lingering weed problem. Herbicides like Compare N Save Weed & Grass Killer are an economical way to take care of any weed issues quickly before they get out of hand.

Mow frequently, but wisely. Some business owners may attempt to save time and money by trying to cut corners on lawn mowing. They might try to cut the grass very short, believing that it will lengthen the times between mowings, for example.

However, this can be a very dangerous practice for a commercial lawn. Any grass cut super short in the heat of the blistering sun is susceptible to lawn diseases, annoying pests and sun-burned areas. Any of these conditions can end up costing business owners a lot more time, money and headaches then a twice a week mowing.

Longer blades shade the grass roots, allowing it to better retain moisture, survive drought and be healthier overall.

In addition, it is important to get the lawn mower blades properly sharpened once a season. Sharp blades won’t tear at the grass causing damage and weakness to the individual blade.

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