Tips For Commercial Window Cleaning

Window WashingIt has been said that a business with dirty windows is like having a nice smile, but yellow teeth. For a business owner, having clean windows is essential to making a good first impression. The thought of cleaning ones own windows can seem overwhelming. Here is what you need to know when it comes to washing windows.
What You Will Need
Professional Strength Window Cleaning Solution – this product works great in cleaning windows with a squeegee, but it also can be diluted into a spray bottle and be used along with a micro fiber rag for cleaning mirrors and general touch up.
Squeegee – Used to remove the window cleaning solution off of the window, leaving you with shiny, streak free glass.
Sponge – Makes it easy to apply window cleaning solution to window as well as do some light scrubbing on the glass if needed.

Window Cleaning Scraper – An effective and easy way to remove any stuck on debris from the glass.

Microfiber Cloth – What makes these cloths great is they can absorb so much water and yet can clean glass without leaving streaks. Thus making it an essential piece of your window cleaning equipment.

Utility Bucket – Holding up to 6 gallons of water and equipped with its 4 swivel wheels, this utility bucket is easy to transport wherever you need to go.

How to clean windows

1. Dilute window cleaning solution 2 to 1 with water in a bucket.

2. Apply the diluted window cleaning solution liberally to the window.

3. At this point, if you notice any debris on the glass such as, paint, overspray or anything else that won’t easily come off with the window cleaning solution, use your scraper to remove the debris. (Note using razor on glass instructions below).

4. Dry the glass with the squeegee. Starting on the upper left corner of the glass, pull the squeegee straight across, left to right, until you reach the other side. After each horizontal stroke, use a rag to dry off the blade of the squeegee. Keep doing this until the whole window is dry.

5. Lastly, use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe down the edges of the windows and any spots you may have missed with the squeegee.

Tips to keep in mind when washing windows

Ammonia.The above window cleaning solution contains ammonia which works great in cutting through grease as well as removing fingerprints and general grime from glass. However, caution is in order when using ammonia. Products containing ammonia can remove tint from windows. It is always important to find out if the glass window has tint before using a window cleaning solution that contains ammonia.

Ammonia based products can also leave spots on wood. If there is a lot of treated wood around the windows, it would be wise to either have them covered beforehand or use a window cleaning product without ammonia.

Avoid direct sunlight. Washing windows in the direct sunlight can often result in streaky glass. Try to wash the windows at a time when they will not be in direct sunlight or use a lot of window cleaning solution on the glass to avoid streaks.

Touch Ups.  An overly wet cloth can make smudges or leave streaks on windows. Always use a dry microfiber cloth when touching up windows or mirrors.

Squeegee Blades. Over time squeegee blades may get dull or may start to wear. Using a dull blade can leave streaks on the glass. It is important to check and change the blade if needed on a regular basis.

How to use a razor on glass

Using a razor can be very effective in removing debris from glass, but if done incorrectly, it can scratch glass resulting in hundreds of dollars of damage. Here are some tips in using a razor on glass.

Only use razor when glass is wet. This is a very important step to using a razor while washing windows. If you use a razor on dry glass, it will scratch the glass.

Never use a razor on tinted glass. If you use a razor on tinted glass you will remove the debris, but you may also remove some of the tint as well. Thus, it is important to find out if the window is tinted before you begin to wash the windows. Tint is usually applied either in between two panes of glass or on the inside of the window. Even if you it doesn’t appear to have tint, it is still important to find out if there is any. Tint such as low-e is very hard to see with the naked eye.

Apply razor in one direction. Even though it maybe tempting or even easier to scrap in a back and forth motion. It is always safer to use the razor in one direct motion, eliminating the risk of scratched glass.

Change blade frequently. Scraping debris off glass with a rusty or chipped blade will scratch the glass. Make it a habit to check the blade regularly and change it when necessary. Cleaning and disinfecting the blade after use can make the blade last longer.

Making a good first impression is important. By following these window cleaning tips, your business will make your much desired lasting impression on your future clients.

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2 Responses to Tips For Commercial Window Cleaning

  1. I’ve been looking at getting some professional glass installed and was worried about the cleaning process. I did not know if I needed some kind of special fluid or needed to do some kind of special process. I may talk to the contractors who are installing it and see if they know a company that can help because the process you describe is a little outside of my abilities. Thanks for this awesome post!

  2. I like that you talked about how to properly use the cleaning materials and tools when cleaning the windows. That way, if you do this yourself you will get a good end result. It would be a smart idea to have a professional do this if you feel you aren’t up to the task of cleaning them yourself.

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