How does bulk pricing work?

Worldwide Janitor is a very special online store because we cater to the needs of commercial buyers by offering high volume quantities of janitorial products that typically are not available in other online stores.

We start out by offering our chemical products in commercial containers like 5 gallon pails, 4/1 gallon cases, pallet quantities, 30 and 55 gallon drums. All of these volume discounts are already priced into the product prices when adding them to your shopping cart.

We then provide additional bulk order discounts upon checkout. These discounts are based upon your total spend. Below is a table that outlines the bulk discounts you will receive upon checkout based on your total spend:

$1,000-$1,999 -1%
$2,000-$2,999 -2%
$3,000-$3,999 -3%
$4,000-$4,999 -4%
$5,000-$9,999 -5%
$10,000+ -6%

 You will see these additional discounts in your total at checkout.

You may also notice that some products are discounted based on cases of 12 or other sets of numbers. If you order an odd number of products that is not pre-discounted in our shopping cart, simply send us a message, and we will provide a refund to get all of the products down to the cheapest price of that product in your order.

To further explain, here is an example:

The product “blue widgets” is priced at $4 each, and $36 per case of 12 ($3 each for the case).

You order the case of 12, but you need 14 total, so you add 2 more (at $4 each) to the shopping cart and check out.

You call, email, or send us a message through our contact form, letting us know that you need the extra 2 discounted.

We will then discount the the 2 extra blue widgets you ordered, down to the case price ($3 each); and we will give you a refund for the difference.


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