How to Clean an Oil and Gas Rig

,87804135From plastics and industrial chemicals to asphalt and tar to of course, gasoline for our vehicles, oil is a prevalent ingredient in today’s society that isn’t going to be going away anytime soon. So, it should come as no surprise that demand for offshore and inland drilling continues to be in demand.
As production is boosted, the need is even greater for oil rigs to perform at optimum capacity. For this to occur, oil rigs need to be thoroughly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.
However, oil rig jobs are extremely hard work and there is not always the time nor the inclination to keep them as clean as they need to be. Offshore rig housekeeping jobs are┬ávery physically demanding and after lugging around heavy, dirty equipment all day, it’s easy to see why exhaustion may win out over additional cleaning chores.

Cleaning is a necessity and not an area to be taken lightly. Many oil rigs have personnel specially designated for cleaning, so in order for them to work efficiently, they need to have the best tools possible on hand.

The good news is that there are cleaning products on the market that can make cleaning oil rigs easier. The simpler and less hassle the cleaning process is, the better the chances that the cleaning will actually get done on schedule when it needs to be.

Worldwide Janitor offers APR Rig Wash, a high quality product manufactured by the Snee Chemical Company. APR Rig Wash is an all-purpose cleaner specifically designed to whisk away deep soils frequently left behind on offshore and inland oil rigs.

Snee Chemical Company products are prominently featured at┬ábecause they are among the Gulf’s most elite, time-tested and trusted manufacturers of janitorial, marine and industrial products.

APR Rig Wash goes to work instantly, acting both as a degreaser and a solvent to take care of business. As a degreaser, it quickly penetrates the grease and breaks up the messes so it can be effortlessly washed away with little to no physically demanding scrubbing. The product also performs as a solvent, remove pesky deposits from equipment, walkways and more.

The product, available in a 50 lb. container, works with both hot and cold water and can also be used during steam cleaning methods. It is the perfect choice for not only whisking away dirt and grime from offshore and inland drill rigs, but boat decks, engines, dredges, shipyards, floors and walls of trucks and trailers and many other applications. It is truly a diverse product that cleaning personnel will find themselves reaching for time and time again.

Worldwide Janitor offers Snee Chemical Company’s products in larger, more economical sizes so customers can save money by purchasing in bulk. There is also a reduced chance that customers will run out of product just when they need it the most. On an offshore drilling rig, there is no shopping center or store just down the road where new product can quickly be picked up on a whim.

If you don’t want to complete the cleaning of the oil rig yourself, there are companies that will come in with a power washer, but keep in mind that they may end up costing you more than tackling the job with your crew or they may not complete the job to your personal standards. The only way to ensure that happens is to finish the job yourself or train your crew to do it the way that you would like.

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